Couple of recent observations about work.  During one informal meeting in which I was there to interpret, one of the engineers was doing a lot of explaining  in English, far from perfect English, but he was trying his best.  The other Japanese, who is here more permanently told him to stop trying to use his English and speak in Japanese as I was there.  I get it  about using resources, that sort of attitude doesn’t help the march of real 国際化 does it?
In the translation work I have on production problems; which has all the intellectual stimulation of digging a 2 ft wide, 3 ft deep trench for 50 yds,  the answer to many issues is putting a sensor in place; as was in an issue on the floor yesterday.  There was a simple case of someone (in Japan) having a brain fart, so put a sensor on the machine here to catch the rare ones.  Remarked that is the solution for any and all 不具合s a sensor?  Was told, and I also get it, that a sensor removes the human and has repeatability, but that sure doesn’t click with what I learned at in Japan.
Tomorrow will be exactly 30 days since taking on this gig…..
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Welcome to Small Town America

Its Easter Sunday, or rather now, the end of it, and this town literally has been shut tighter than a small, rusted bolt in annoying hard to get place. Perhaps the McDonald’s was open but that….. Saw an exchange student walking on campus late in the afternoon felt sorry for her as she and other foreign students like her have even less options.

Did my weekly shopping weekday lunch in Columbus again and decided since I have never eaten there, try a nearby White Castle burger. That was a mistake. Didn’t finish the meal and I’ve felt awful for the past several hours as I guess the garbage I ingested has to work through the system. Never again White Castle, never again.

Yesterday, traveled to the defunct prison which served as location for the movies, The Shawshank Redemption and Air Force One. Very creeeepy, creepy place.

IMG_1150 (1)

Abandon hope all ye who enter.


The safe in the warden’s office.


Brooks was here.  A room in the prison was used as the flophouse room.


Andy’s ‘tunnel’


What the cell blocks really look like.

And there was a B & B I wanted to check out on the way back today, discovered in now for sale for:

It’ll be interesting to discover why the price. It’d be an easy 3 or 4 million in DC.

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Bullshit Walks

A couple of weeks ago, at the invite of a local realtor I had contacted about housing,  I was invited to a gathering of Rotarians at the hotel I am staying at (the only one in town too).

It was a harmless, pleasant way to kill an evening and one person told he’d ask about a house  someone might want to let, so I gave him my contact info and never heard back.

Not heartbroken or crushed, but this evening in the thimble-sized lobby this hotel has, there was a gathering and the person who offered to look into some housing for me was there, who called out and invited me to join.

I smiled, declined saying I had things to take care of in my room……and silently said to myself I have no time for BS artists.

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Good Friday

Yes it is and this teeny ‘burg is shut tighter than an annoying small, rusted bolt in a hard to get at place. I am what passes for faux Starbucks across from the university, which is filled with kids who for various reasons, can’t or don’t want to go home for the 3-day Easter break., many of whom are foreign exchange students.

This is very, very different from very secular Washington DC and its suburbs. According to brother Pound Salt, this is the “Real America”, not the “secular, multi-ethnic, politically correct cesspool” as he describes Washington, DC

So I am off today, but with everything pretty much shut down, not much to do or anywhere to go I might just as well be at work; at least I’d have something to do to occupy my time.

A postscript to the last posting. I mentioned what happened to son unit, who was both bemused and ‘Dad, what were you thinking?!’ amazed.

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No Dorothy, We’re Not in Northern Virginia Anymore

Had this small exchange and interesting reaction a couple of days ago.

It seems many of the men who work around me are also farmers.  So other day, one was talking about the recent market prices for corn & soybeans and lamenting how the prices have dropped.

Don’t ask me why, but at the end, I quipped that it might be more lucrative if Ohio too were to change its drug/marijuana laws to start farming marijuana instead.  I wasn’t being that serious, and I think I was unconsciously trying to end the monologue, but someone was listening as I hear from a few desks away, “What the fuck brought that on?!”

If I know my fellow Northern Virginians, the  reaction would  have been much different.


4/20: Clarification-amplification.  Do not read into this post I am among those who support de-criminalization.  I do not welcome widespread use of marijuana as inhaling smoke into our respiratory system, even marijuana smoke cannot be a good thing, particularly when this  country has gotten a good grip on dealing with the public health problem tobacco created.

Second,  alcohol-related DUI is a large enough issue here.  Further aggravation and mayhem from ‘stoned’/impaired drivers is not needed.



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I Can’t Stand This!


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W T F !!!!!!!!!!!!

image (26)

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