Kunckle Head?

Was called that after my return to the crazy place called Washington DC (The day after I returned, some nut landed a hovercraft on the US Capital grounds, and last night another person scaled/breached the White House fences).  Was called that as I was up front with the folks who manage this project about what I would be doing from Friday to the Following Wednesday, instead of claiming the time as sick leave.

The trip to see son unit is long and the drive exhausting, but its a different kind of exhaustion.  The night before we left,  I was so tired from the job I made the wrong turn off and found myself heading on the Inner Loop towards The Progressive People’s Democratic Republic of Montgomery County, Maryland.  This, on a road I take back home many times.

Took son unit out for clay pigeon shooting as a birthday present.IMG_0070

He did surprisingly well considering he’s only handled a real firearm twice in his life (at least that I know). also put on a noticeable bit of weight…. from all the sitting and crap he now eats. Told him from experience its far harder to take weight off than to put it on.

The job is the sane unending trial trying to work from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm, but looked at my gross for the year and see its not even May yet and I have grossed more than some people here make in a year.

Still am on the look out for something else.  A recruiter said she’d fix me up today with a phone interview with a transplant in Kentucky…. Looked at the company’s website and see its of the same ilk and the Ghetto Transplant company I worked for last year, white uniforms and all.  The interview didn’t happen and I am relieved; that stint last year was more than enough. Another company called to ask if I was interested in working in Japan, probably Tokyo. Said hell yeah I am.  Don’t think anything will become of it, but hey,  it makes me feel good.

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Ribs, Grits ‘n ‘Slaw


Am way south of the border, to visit son unit for his birthday (belated)…..  wife unit having a hard time with the deep accents

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Outta DC, Thank God

In a different place and different world….. just for a few days…


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In Search of a Caption

Spotted this on my way into the worksite yesterday,  on G street.  Seems caption-worthy, or perhaps just forlorn.

IMG_20150406_064425784 (1)

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And While I Mentioned Audi

A former colleague, now at Volkswagen, sent me this.

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The Japanese are How Food-Centric?

Get a group of Japanese together that at some point, the conversation will turn to food.  The Japanese will in conversation use adjectives used to describe food in other non-food related contexts.

But this beat its all

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What Men Are Good At

Last night  a couple got in the same Metro car as I  and sat down close by too.

The woman started talking and talking and talking and talking and talking…… until they too got off at the same station I did. Couldn’t hear about what, but the guy just stared ahead with the 2,500 yd stare, seemingly listening, but mentally a universe away I’ll bet.

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