Hot as July

So humid this morning I believe I could if it wasn’t so gross, wring out the polo shirt I have on and wore during the hot sweaty walk into the city this morning.  But DC is like that in the summer,  it was after all mostly swampland that neither the infant states of Maryland or VA wanted (BTW  VA got its land back and the old DC boundaries are now the boundaries of Arlington County).  And there are places where this is the norm; like the deep South. Still I can’t imagine what this place was like before the advent of air conditioning.

Had another example of how absorbed some people get with their hand-held devices.  Was in the men’s room and in one of the stalls,  heard someone making a phone call to whoever, all the while toilets were being flushed etc…. and I do not doubt the person on the other end of the call heard everything……..

We all had a bit of a start a couple of days ago, when one of the supervising attorneys, came in and abruptly announced we all were to log out of the data base we were using, immediately…  The next step for a second we thought was we’d be told our services were no longer needed and thank you, but good-bye.

It wasn’t.  He was so flustered, he forgot to also announce we needed to log on to the other data base we use.  Seems he may of had his ass royally chewed out for something related to us using that data base, but, hey its just a guess.

But if you haven’t had your ass chewed out at least once in life, you’ve probably not led a very full life.

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Thoughts for Crappy, Rainy Monday

But hey we’ve been a bit parched as late so the rain is a bit welcome.

Am still a bit peeved over being called in by one of the supervising attorneys on the [project to be told  am not paying enough attention to documents which should be classified marked ‘privileged’, that is documents that can be withheld due to attorney-client privilege.

we have been told to take a very board view of this, which probably means being very over inclusive.  I was shown a whole list of documents I was told should have been classified by me as privileged for the 1st go round, but also told they wouldn’t have made the 2nd cut… so why the F call me to talk about it?  My opinion of these kids supervising this dropped a bit. Another observation,  when the lawyers talks about privilege among themselves, they use the word ‘priv’, but seem to get annoyed when the lay folk among them use the same term.

Have gotten quite shaggy as late due to not having enough time to get to my regular hair cutter, but was also looking to change as the last time I went it, several months ago, he took the $5 dollar tip I gave him and threw in aside on the reception desk….. That you do not do, at least in front of me.

So went to a place, cheaper than the other, staffed by a bunch of southeast Asian women,  sat down in the chair and the hair dresser called out to wife unit, asking her how my hair should be cut.

Have always thought at times an Asian wife looks upon her spouse as an overgrown child.

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Have software which tracks who visits the site. It doesn’t provide a whole lot of information on who has looked in,  just tells me generally from where this site has been looked at.

The other day,  when I pulled up the program to see who has visited, there was this…

spooky 3


First thought is some trolling software the government has caught the recent post I made about the waste of human reproductive effort Dylann Roof, which raises questions about government surveillance into our lives and thoughts.

The other thought is there’s a US. government  official on our dime, possibly working from home,  (as far as I know the US DOJ does not have a facility on Potomac, Maryland, which BTW is a particularly affluent part of the greater DC area)  using government provided hardware, i.e., taxpayer provided hardware, with little else to do but web surf?

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Why I Hate The Japanese….(Sometimes)

Today, Saturday is marked in Japan as the supposedly hottest day of the year (土用の日 ) and as food-centric as the Japanese are, broiled eel is traditionally eaten on this day to provide stamina to get through the day, or to recover from it.

Not at the worksite, a guy has taken it upon himself to hook up with a local Japanese restaurant to provide on an order basis, daily bentos (lunch boxes) for those working on the project.  The price is $10 which is ok I suppose for DC, but it adds up quickly and I until yesterday always pack something made at home to eat.

But Yesterday I made an exception since the menu was for broiled eel to mark 土用の日.  when it arrived and I went to the kitchen area to pick it up, discovered a small group of people had also made arrangements for an eel box lunch, but very different,  Each lunch was in a fancy ‘gozen’ box (probably plastic) and soup was also provided in well decorated tradition soup containers.   Now the price  was double that of ours.

No what made me burn over this was first,  this was offered only to a select group of people, the ‘ins’ and not offered to anyone else, something from my experience as being part of magenment comes very close to no-no land as far as HR rules are concerned (exclusion, hostile work environment).

Second, was the combined look of smugness and control and showing to others, “see this is what we got and you didn’t/won’t get’.  And last, just the childishness of it.  A group of adults, one of whom is in her fifties, on the same level of maturity as a junior high schooler.

But this doesn’t surprise;  I have always felt that as a whole -there are individual exceptions- the Japanese show a level of maturity below that of westerners the same age.  At times its just head-shaking, at others, hateful.

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Days of Mind Wandering


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Useless Baubles

IMG_20150715_054132938 (1)

In case you can’t read the fine print, the tag for this piece of leather is about 1.3k.  I don’t care if this is a one of a kind, cobbled by enchanted elves, who have been blessed by the Virgin Mary, no piece of leather is worth that.

And considering how willy nilly ‘stuff’ is thrown in these and the always amusing to observe scramble to find (fill in the blank), wouldn’t it be just as practical and more economical to forgo the expense, and use some plastic grocery bags instead?

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My Father was Right, There is a Right Way to Get Even

There’s a Japanese woman on this project, perhaps in her mid-thirties, who I’ve never laid eyes on before prior to working here and yet, for reasons unbeknownst to me, she refuses to even acknowledge a greeting or have the civility to provide so much as a simple ‘good morning’ when we pass one another in one of the corridors.

Again, don’t know why.  The only conversation I have had with her was to try to pay a complement when I noticed she was wearing nicely scented cologne, to which she snapped, it wasn’t her.

Now the worksite is for good reasons, well-secured:  you don’t go very far in or out without a properly coded magnetic pass card. Yesterday afternoon, I has swiped my pass card to reenter and who on might be on the other side was this woman, who I held the door open for to let her pass first.  Her grimace of internal pain, embarrassment and chagrin was photo-worthy, and she still didn’t bother to mumble a thank you or nod.

But that’s okay.  My father once said the best way to get back at someone who has caused you trouble is to be nice to them……

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