Men are lean hunter gatherers and women are….


This is our packing for an overnight stay. My change of clothes and toiletries are in the plastic shopping bag.  The bigger, green bag holds wife unit’s “stuff”….

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Or for those who cannot read Japanese, 3rd world  mass transportation system.

Which as I  and many, many others have bemoaned, is what we who live in the Washington DC metropolitan area must deal with in the form of our subway system, or Metro as it is called.

On the website of our local Fox News channel, was this:


– a tongue in cheek, and perhaps not too far of the mark of how to cope with this disgrace of a mass transit system.


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Tale of 2 Brothers

Me and my younger brother that is.

We of course grew up in the same home until he started spending his summers at an aunt’s house in eastern Ohio and after high school graduation, really never came back home.  From there he went to college nearby got a job locally and from then on stayed in Ohio (or as I call it, the flat West Virginia).

I stayed home, went to my continued  regret,  a local college, and from there took the step that changed my life and I would say saved me by going to Japan.

In the years that followed,  younger brother, either through brainwashing, peer pressure, osmosis or whatever,  inculcated the sometime rabid hatred  those in Ohio have of all things Michigan, particularly  the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  Now mind you, he never attended Ohio State University (aka that arrogant school in Columbus) and to my knowledge has never been in Michigan.

For my part, coming back to the U.S. and working in the automobile industry meant frequent trips to Detroit and Ann Arbor, where most OEMs have a technical office, partially because the EPA has its vehicle certification lab there.   I found Ann Arbor a small but pleasant and somewhat eclectic  college town, and home of course to the University of Michigan.

I was aware of the rivalry between Ohio State University and the University of Michigan, also noted that all the trash talk seemed to come from Ohio State and not the other way around.

So after a while of younger brother trashing talking (he had a cookout at which someone wore a T shirt on which, ‘Ann Arbor is a Whore’ was printed) a college he knows next to nothing about, on behest of a university he never attended,  I gravitated towards the University of Michigan, which mind you,  I never attended and when the opportunity presents itself, I take him to task for his blind, groundless allegiance to the Arrogant School in Columbus.

One opportunity is my upcoming birthday, and I sent him an email with this suggestion for a present:

This state sucks

Am not holding my breath though about getting this mug….



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Against My Better Judgment

I’ll soon be taking another J-E interpreter/translator job.  I didn’t apply for this,  the recruiting agency which got Son Unit his job contacted me  about the job.

Given my experience at the Ghetto Company, why am I taking this job?  One, the job is  at one of Toyota’s factories here and I know they don’t run their factories,like the Ghetto Company runs its operations- if Toyota did, they would have gone out of business decades ago. (note that in the time since I left the Ghetto  Company,  through Facebook, etc., a number of people there have also since moved on to another employer).  So the irritants that made working at the Ghetto Company trying, the work rules that made no sense,  managerial altitude/ineptitude, worker morale, should not be there.

Second,  its not an open ended gig:  it’ll be just for  four months and then back home.  Should be able to share Son Unit’s studio, which he’s not too crazy about and I understand,  its his life and I’m sure I’d feel some discomfort too if I were he and I will do what I can to respect his privacy/personal space, etc.  Only see one problem, and that is use of the shower/toilet.  He’s just got one in the studio he now lives in.

Last, while the factory is not in a bustling diverse area like where I call home,  its not a utter wasteland where the Ghetto Company is located.  Still there are misgivings. It does bother me that while I took a very short “test’ of my ability to interpret,  I get the sense that these people too misunderstand interpreting is plug and play. My experience at the Ghetto Company definitely drove this home.

Another misgiving is leaving wife unit to mind the castle.  Unlike the Ghetto Company, I’ll be gone for most of the summer meaning there’s a lawn to be kept cut weekly.  Security too.  The other night, a car parked directly across the street from the house, a car we did not recognize as belonging to a neighbor,  that caused a bit of concern from wife unit. Many years ago,  we had a large dog, who did a good job to letting about a big, deep, loud “woof” when anyone approached the house, but now…

So with unemployment having run out… least I don’t have to use the DC Metro right now, which may have hit absolute bottom and  is furiously digging deeper in terms  of service and personal security.

Still looking for other full time employment, a job that makes use of all my work skills.  At the suggestion from a friend I have in Tokyo,  applied for a position in Tokyo with a automotive supplier.  Would love to get that job.  It would use more of my skills and after having come to America to raise son unit,  think I owe it to wife unit to if possible, spend a few years living and working in Japan before we both decided its time to leave the workforce for good.

Another job applied too is local, with some unnamed Japanese trading company, a job that would also make full use of all my experience and skills and the pay is pretty decent.  Was told the company’s pace is slow and very deliberate and I probably should not expect an answer before I start the other job.

Besides that?  have used my downtime to take care of an eyesight issue,  having one outpatient surgery to take care of the worse eye and scheduling  the other surgery later in July to take care of the other.  Walk around now still wearing eye glasses, but with one lens punched out. It looks weird, but putting in and then having to paw around at night, especially when tired, a contact lenses is a bore.

See  others whose blogs I follow have either stopped writing or in one case, one I have followed with interest  back in my Vox days, has simply and unexpectedly disappeared.

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Gender Reveal Party?

The son of a deceased cousin held one recently, according to one of his fb posts, to reveal the gender of the child they are expecting.

Must be getting old here… A party to announce the gender of one’s to be born child? Outside of a reason to party, ..  guess it’s a nice idea, but for me knowing the gender of one’s child is like opening Christmas presents on Thanksgiving.

Crappy weather isn’t helping my mood either: feel as if I am playing left out in the game of life.

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My state among others, will this Tuesday, hold its Presidential primary.

Unlike other states, we are free to cross party lines when voting. So, should I cross party lines to cast a vote against the serial liar, who wants to be the first female president, and vote for a man who it elected would turn this county so inward that one might mistake for being in the 19th century?

Or do I cast a vote against the swaggering, bullying Trump, a man whose mannerisms and tone reminds me of Benito Mussolini, or dare I say Adolf Hitler?

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My Digital Footprint

After finishing up my latest very short term gig, and a false positive about  returning to work at the law firm for clean up, I noticed on my LinkedIn account, under the window of  do you know these people/ do you want to connect with them, a slew of linked in profiles, even today, of people from this law firm  with who I have  no even remote connection.

Very puzzling and a bit concerning too.  During my work I had no direct digital connection with the firm, only indirect contact via e-mail with the staffing agency which put me at the law firm.  So why now is my profile flooded with profiles of people who work for this law firm?


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