Fight, Fight!

There was a verbal altercation yesterday, between two of the Japanese women who are in the project. Don’t know or care about what started it, but I believe it shows how tired we all are becoming.

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There are all sorts of them. Holocaust Deniers, 911 Truthers, those who believe the Apollo Moon landings were all staged on some movie set on earth,  and those Japanese who deny  Japanese wartime atrocities.

Have a person who had worked on the review I am now on, a Japanese woman who is generally pleasant person and she is smart, who recently posted on her FB page a rant about how clear it was the Nanjing Massacre, the comfort women were all just made up stories to smear Japan and the Japanese people.

How do you or should one even respond to this.  There is certainly no point arguing with a denier as nothing ever will show them they are deluded. What is worrisome is that this person, born well into post-war Japan, has internalized intellectual poison and is willing to perpetuate  and spread it.

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Elvis Is In The Room

IMG_20150320_174340620_HDR (1)

Found this gem in a store called The Chocolate Moose, on L Street, which I haven’t been to in ages, but when I do go, am never bored with the smart alecky, in your face gifts they offer.

This is actually a shower scrub brush, the “hair” being the part that scrubs, as the user sings perhaps ‘a hunka hunka burning Love’ (?) in the shower.

Why this caught the eye?  Among my cousins is one who let’s say is prissy.  she once said to the family that if they were going to give her anyting for Christmas, that please don’t give her anything tacky.  That was one of this cousin’s bigger poor life choices.

Since then,  for almost every Christmas, there has been a family effort to find and then present her at Christmas, a “special” gift that is as tacky as tacky can be.  From off the cuff memory, she has been given (as still has??),

  • A black velvet painting of Elvis
  • Elvis dolls
  • Macramé
  • Wisconsin cheese earrings
  • A wallet with an all bacon motif
  • ‘Tasteful’ watercolor paintings
  • etc.

So while the year is still early and its months before the 2015v Christmas shopping season begins, this looks to be a contender for this year’s “special” Christmas present.

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Review Killer

Was labeled that a couple days ago.

Why?  It was in the context of another person being called out for going through too many documents too fast/  I  general in the 11.5 hours at the oars, go through 300 to 400 documents.  which I was told too is working too fast in the sense that doing so makes the project shorter than it could be and throwing people out of work earlier.

I don’t see that and personally and work ethic wise, can’t.

There’s not much to linger over with these documents;  they are for about 99.8% of the time, as interesting as watching a dog squat and poo.  The reviewing steps are simple. first is the document even relevant to the matter at hand either by date or content?  Next,  if relevant, is the content extremely harmful or helpful or neither?  Then, into which data “basket” should this document be put into? And so on and so forth for 11.5 hours

Once these steps have been accomplished, why, or how can one linger before moving on?

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Got Through Another Day

Amazed I can sit from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm and with the exception of small breaks, and today with the weather good, 30 minutes up on the roof terrace, I can point and click, point and click.

Somehow I thought I had something to write about for the blog, but it seems the thought or story has gone.

And its only Monday

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Prisoner of Microsoft

Haven’t used the laptop  regular in a while (‘thanks’ to the work hours)  and as I shut down the laptop yesterday, the shut down and my freedom to move on was held hostage by another Microsoft update, you know the message about not powering off or unplugging unit the update is finished.

It was a particularly long update of some 35 items, which also meant an equally long boot up this morning  as the laptop was ‘configured’ with  the  numerous updates.

But what I’ve wondered is if these updates are needed, why do I not see a marked improvement in the laptop’s performance?

Well, Microsoft?

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Open Carry

For those not familiar with the term, open carry means carrying a firearm, openly in public.

In Virginia at least, for pistols, I believe this involves getting a permit from the state (which means a background check and a mandatory course in gun safety and use) to do so- or am I confused with getting a concealed and carry permit?

Given the current political climate and who is in the White House at the moment ( but thankfully the constitutionally mandated exit is drawing ever nearer) the right to bear arms is a politically charged issue here.

Yesterday evening, after wife unit had finished work, wife unit was famished so we stopped off for a burger at a nearby Five Guys.

After we got our order and started to tuck in, I got up to get some condiments and as I turned round to go back to our seats, noticed a man. Caucasian if you must know, who had sat down at the table immediately in front of this and as I quickly noticed, had what was probably a 9 mm semi automatic pistol and  2 ammunition clips openly holstered on his person.

Now I am all about 2nd amendment rights, but that is tempered with common sense.  Besides wife unit & I, the burger joint was hosting a large party of adults and kids. Further the individual in question is older than I and had to walk into the store with the aid of a cane, which calls into question his ability to actually use the firearm in the less than likely event its use, i.e., lethal force was necessary.

So why the gun and why openly carry it around in public?  Some manifestation of inner insecurity/fear?  The suppressed desire to be a Walter Mitty and rise to the some occasion of danger?  A political statement?  All of the above?

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