Years Ago

During my college job at a grocery store.

while working there a new employee, a woman named Denise, came in to work as a cashier-outside of the butchers, the highest paying hourly job in the store.  Word went around that she was an ex-Playboy Bunny and I guess to satisfy everyone’s curiosity, she brought in a couple of photos of her in her bunny suit.

As I remember, she was attractive, but not heart-poundingly so.  And what else I do remember of her time there were comments made to her or in her presence  the kind of comments that if they had been made now, would have landed the person who made them, the supervisor and the company in deep EEOC doggy doo for harassment.

I never participated in such and said very little to her, probably out of being dumbstruck with shyness. But looking back over the many decades since that time,  feel sad about part of her experience while working there.  There may have been many reason why she quit being a Playboy Bunny, the nature of the work and the environment, personal issues that forced her to leave and take  a job as a lowly grocery store cashier; things that only now occur to me.  Given what might have been why she took that job, its too bad she wasn’t treated differently than she was.

Odd too that after all the years this comes to mind for reflection.  Suppose a part of where I am in life

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