“Progressives” ( I call them neo-collectivist) are like alcoholics; most cannot kick the habit.

What prompted this? This:


Pretty much filed with neo-collectivist claptrap and a glaring unwillingness exhibited by the neo-collectivists I read about,  to intellectually ‘get off the bottle’ of their delusions.

But to start with the first neo-collectivist lament, of elitist deals brokered by the ‘haves’ at the expense of thee ‘have nots’ to lure corporate investment.  The writer is either unable or incapable  due to being in the drunken haze of neo-collectivism of understanding that any corporation deciding to embark  for a major project/investment such as building a new factory, does so at great risk and cost- to the corporations, not just to executives, but to all employees.

Costs not only limited to the physical building of a plant, but costs of hiring, and training workers to fill the jobs,  and costs that must be shouldered with the local governments in providing infrastructure, gas, water, sewer, roads, to support a new factory. Unless a local government does not provide incentives to relocate,  a corporation will look elsewhere. And while  new jobs may be limited in number,  investment means there’ll  still be more jobs than there were before.  Further, this screed  ignores that there is a trickle down effect, such as at the VW plant.  Its suppliers will also build plants nearby which also will provide more jobs and so on.

Next, wages.  First, and repeat after me, working at an automotive assembly plant is not skilled labor.  This is something unions and this neo-collectivist can’t seem to get through their heads.  If you can operate a price scanner at a super market check out, you can work on an automotive assembly line.  All the “skills”  you need are a high tolerance for continuous repetitious tasks and the physical demands for standing on your feet for hours at a time. So why then, should wages be near skilled or professional levels? How do I know about this?  I’ve done it and its probably a pretty good bet this neo-collectivist never has nor knows anyone who has.

Second wages depend all on where one lives, period.  Housing in particular is what drives wages at least in DC, which is why the average annual income  WDC is so high when compared to other parts of the country and  low, when compared to other parts, e.g., NYC or Silicone Valley.  So yes, a $31,000 annual salary would be impossible to live on in WDC, but it doesn’t mean the same is impossible to live on in that part of Tennessee.

Then there is the Just In Time productions system which is alluded to as a bane of the ‘oppressed’ automotive assembly line worker.  JIT has been one of the greatest innovations to manufacturing, period.  Used properly and effectively, it optimizes  production efficiency and eliminates waste, which means whatever the product is, it can be provided have more quickly and cheaply to everyone, which benefits everyone. True, assembly line work is not easy work, and it is not meant to ever be a career IMHO.  A good example of this was a person showing son unit & I apartments a few years ago and complaining about working on an automotive assembly line for 5 years.  My comment to son unit was, why after 5 years was he still an assembly line worker?  lack of ambition to better himself,  poor performance?

And then there is the attack on the UAW for not being militant enough.  As much as the UAW is a parasite on the automotive industry,  it was smart enough to realize that given where its membership is/was and the financial conditions of its main host companies (the Detroit 3)  that they had to abandon their own business model to project the union jobs still left and ensure there would be jobs (and future dues paying members) for the future.

Being true to your cause smacks much like leftists trying to outdo one another in proclaiming their ideological ‘purity’. Rigid ideological purity doesn’t pay your monthly mortgage or enable one to provide a better life for your children.  But then I wonder if  neo-collectivists ever  think of anything else besides what keeps them ‘addicted’




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