No Dorothy, We’re Not in Northern Virginia Anymore

Had this small exchange and interesting reaction a couple of days ago.

It seems many of the men who work around me are also farmers.  So other day, one was talking about the recent market prices for corn & soybeans and lamenting how the prices have dropped.

Don’t ask me why, but at the end, I quipped that it might be more lucrative if Ohio too were to change its drug/marijuana laws to start farming marijuana instead.  I wasn’t being that serious, and I think I was unconsciously trying to end the monologue, but someone was listening as I hear from a few desks away, “What the fuck brought that on?!”

If I know my fellow Northern Virginians, the  reaction would  have been much different.



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I Can’t Stand This!


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W T F !!!!!!!!!!!!

image (26)

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They Haven’t a Clue

Yesterday, another frustrating day, I was plopped into 3 different meetings with no preamble of why or what.

In one meeting, a meeting with executives from the head office in Japan, about the manufacturing problems this pace seems to have (they’ve been told to up their game), one exec from Japan opined that the root cause of many of the manufacturing mistakes lies with the employees, due to lack of motivation or proper attitude.

With only 3 weeks here, I couldn’t agree more, but the difference lies in that the Japanese staff haven’t taken the last mental step (the Toyota 5 whys?) to ask why the employees aren’t motivated enough to care.

There are things I have observed one the factory floor and elsewhere that are manifestations of passive-aggressive pushback.

Like this



And this

image (24)


In the men’s locker room.

This, the spillover tray on one of the water coolers in  the eating area (the other was just as bad).


And this, the inside of one of the microwave ovens…

image (25)

Or this in one of the men’s lavatories. 

image (23)

Low pay may be one factor, the sensless rules I believe are another.  You get what you pay for and if you treat adults as children, they will act as children.  If you treat an adult as an adult they will generally act as adults.

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Serial Scofflaw

Believe  have mentioned the various rules/restrictions on working where I am. Yesterday, I learned there’s a twist.

All employees, regardless of where they work, are not allowed to have anything to drink/eat at their workstation, be it a machine, assembly area  or desk in the office except water.

Now I have gone to the water cooler from time to time to fill a plastic cup with water, take it back to my desk.  Yesterday, as I passed a woman whose job sees unclear save she  sits at a desk and says nothing to anyone throughout the day, broke her silence to tell me open containers of water, like cups, are also banned.

Mentioned this to a co-worker and told it was worse in previous years; even family pictures were banned from desks.

Now rules  have a purpose when they make sense. But then there are rules like this which remind me of the silliness the Chinese suffered under during the so-called Great Cultural Revolution.  Rules such as these are rules for control, nothing else.

To put it another way, if adults are treated as children, they will act like children.  If adults are treated as adults, they will generally act as adults.

Small wonder I  do not, as I have in previous jobs, wake up in the morning, ready and willing to go to work.

Have to keep repeating to myself ‘Its a salaried job, its a salaried job’

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Sticking Out Like a Sore Thumb

image (21)

Like the car

I sit by myself at lunch eating a meal I have either prepared from the hotel’s commentary breakfast, or something thrown together from the shopping forays I have made to Columbus. Those who surround me bring in “food” they’ve slopped together on their own or buy stuff out of the vending machines. Either way its “food” I wouldn’t give to a dog. Mostly tattooed, some Jabba The Hutt look-alikes in terms of build, and among them are those with very well-developed smoker’s coughs. Just as there are circles of Hell, there are various circles here in Ohio, I guess.  Just trying to figure out which one I am in.

The workforce is mostly white many women on the line, with a smattering of blacks, an east Asian woman and one Korean woman. Looking at some public files, see the pay scale for the hourlys isn’t very impressive: $8.something an hour to start with a max of $12+.

Despite this company being a Honda supplier, see very few of them on the lot. Mostly Detroit makes and gasp!, a Hyundai or two.

The company has made self-denial and spartanism, values to suffer by, yet a look into a travel file shows the Japanese man who got this venture off the ground likes to be squired back and forth from the nearest large town in a stretch limo………….

At HOME, before I left, wife unit had me change the password to our home computer   in the event she takes on a lodger and wants, naturally, computer security. But somehow, yesterday, the Windows Blue Screen of Death appeared, the computer shut down and now she can’t find or remember (nor can I) the changed password. Holy hoisted one’s petard, Batman!


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Finally a Morning with some Sunshine!




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