We are packed in the so-called ‘work sites’ pretty tightly and things that might not get on one’s nerves.
Yesterday morning, in the work-site e-mail was a weekly announcement reminding us of  the snow day policy, work-related stuff and a word about over-use of perfume/cologne.  Well the other day I splashed out a bit too much and as I couldn’t put it back on the bottle, just rubbed it on here and there.    Now later in the morning a person who sits to my right wanted to know if I got the e-mail on the snow day policy.  ‘Ah ha’, said I,  that is not what she’s asking……
Wonder how’ll she’ll feel if save for washing my hair and shaving, I not bathe for the next 2 weeks…..which I am thinking of doing.
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What Else Can I Say? Ist Sehr Kalt

Saw something on the street yesterday morning, when the outside ambient temperature was in the low 20’s (That’s – 4 something in C)  which bothered me as a parent… On the opposite side of a street I was about to cross (light was green) stood a woman with a stroller, intently fixed on her hand-held device.  The child in the stroller, a small girl of maybe 3 did have a knit hat on and coat- though I think she needed something warmer. The mother did not move until she had done what she wanted to do on the hand-held, and that bothered me was that this woman/mother  if she needed to futz with her hand-held, should have gotten someplace, a lobby or whatever, to get her child out of the cold, and then return to her hand-held dependence problem.

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Asian ‘Sisterhood’

Learned something  interesting yesterday.  I know Korean women keep their maiden names even when they marry- a measure I thought of a greater degree of ‘liberation’ from their Japanese ‘sisters’.  But no, I am wrong as a Korean man explained to me before work started.  Instead this custom as the thought goes,  is a woman coming in by marriage to a family is thought so unworthy that she does not even deserve to take her new family’s name.


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The title, ‘darashi ga nai’ is one of a number of Japanese words for which I at least have not found an English translation  that fits well.

Our mail carrier the annoying habit of delivering other people’s mail to our house.  Last Saturday we got pretty much all our next door neighbor’s mail.  Walked it over knocked on the door (it was 10:30 am)  and the lady of the house answered the door still in her bath/nightrobe.   Will not assume what goes on at other people’s homes, but can assure that at 10:30 am, no one at my home is  in their bathrobe.

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Thinking a Bit More

The last post  got me thinking more.

As I walk to the worksite I pass a fair number of panhandlers, all black, some very aggressive, as if a daily tithe is everyone’s duty, not charity.

Then I also see the people blowing the leaves off the sidewalks, or hosing them down in the morning, those going off to work to construction projects, and those in this Pret, who are overwhelmingly Latino, and I think of the differences and the whys.

And I think of the coming competition for the Latino vote and wonder why the Republicans don’t point out the havoc and damage 50 years of failed Democratic Party polices have wreaked on a minority group and would ask Latinos, is this what you want to see happen to yourselves?

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A Slice of DC Street Life

Sitting at a coffee shop (where Christmas carols are playing now!) on K Street and am thinking of what I saw last night as I left the worksite towards Metro Center, passed a man in a wheelchair, black, and looking for passerby’s to given him money.

As I passed him, another man, while walked the other way, and as he neared the black man, the black man said  in a truculent tone ‘I don’t like you!”.  The white man, a total stranger took this personally and engaged the wheelchair-bound black man, berating him saying he had confronted him, the black man responding in kind.

It got very loud and I thought how foolish it was to get into a loud argument on the street with a paraplegic. and what I would have done.

Personally, I would have ignored him as I would an annoying pigeon, or have said, ‘Well,  I can’t be liked by everyone’, which is something I go by in my daily interaction which my fellow human beings.

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Its Friday, the sun is about to come up and shine,  another nice paycheck will be deposited into the checking account and I need only work until 4:30.

One of  the many pieces of advice given to son unit (and hopefully taken to heart) I’ve given him is one of the easiest things in the world to lose and most difficult to regain is a person’s trust.

Good lesson in that this week.  The woman who sits next to me, and who complained about the 3 chatterboxes who sit in front of us,  is afraid of retaliation, in the way of a lawsuit.  A couple of days ago, she thankfully sent me first an e-mail through the employer’s system (bright)  outlining her concerns and including my name without asking me!  She asked me what I thought and told her this was a very, very, bad move and if she really had these concerns, she needs to first speak directly to the project manager, She also wanted to have a dinner tonight with an attorney she & I know and wanted me to bring wife unit along.

Another “bright” idea.  First I’ll deal with any retaliation when and if it happens, and there is no reason in this worked or any other universe to involve wife unit  in this.

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