Say Howdy-Do to Winter

It was a crisp 42 degrees outside this morning as I left for another day in front of a desk top.   “Everyone” ‘says’ this coming winter will be a harsh one, but we’ll see.

Yesterday however was as nice as a fall day could be and instead of vegetating in front of a TV and watching football-which I only have a passing interest in, drive the car through the Shenandoah and took in the scenery.  No pics as driving and manipulating a smart phone are tasks I have yet to master.

Son unit had a wedding to go to over the weekend, a college school friend, who tied the knot at the all too early age of 22.  Don’t know about you, but I certainly had no strong urge to marry at that age and the way things worked out, marrying @ the ripe old age of 29 worked out.

Texted him about did he have a good time and did his car behave itself. to which I got the terse & economical verbiage of “Yes and yes”.  The upside I suppose is he’s communicating in semi-whole sentences instead to a series of sub-linguistic grunts which we were supposed to be able to interpret.

Was taking to one of my neighbors about a tree on our property that we both agree needs trimming back.  Its leaning towards his property which makes cutting what needs cutting back a bit tricky.  spoke of getting on a ladder to tie a rope to the limbs and pull them towards our house as they are cut.  Was told I am too old to get on a ladder now.

Right.  I walk weather permit8ng 3.4 miles a day and I’m too old to get on a ladder?!

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Getting Too Used to This

This week has been draining- due I  believe to the streak of very dreary weather we’ve had here (which is good though for the parts of the lawn I re-seeded last weekend).  Another factor is this is the 5th or perhaps 6th consecutive week I’ve put in the full 50 hours and the toll is starting to show (as well as my age?).

As I’ve written before, the work isn’t psychically  demanding, but it is in a sense very much like assembly line work- its just that instead of one’s hands and body, one uses the brain- for 10.5 hours a day.

And I have to keep reminding myself  while this is not what I really want to do, it could be worse, yes indeed much worse as I experienced earlier this year in Ohio.  When I use the restrooms, there are no ‘leftovers’ from the previous user, nor crudely drawn penises or vaginas on the walls.  We can have coffee wherever, whenever we want and thank God we do not have to wear those insane white uniforms.

Grateful I am not to still be there.

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Washington, The Jungle

I’ve always thought an anthropology student would have a field day studying and observing the mores and customs of Washington DC, and this article, proves it.

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Middle of The Work Week Thoughts

Not sure if I was insulted or not.  There’s a kid on this document review, a girl about son unit’s age, not Japanese, but who grew up  in Nagoya and since I was there too, in the few times we’ve spoken, there’s lots in common.
Anyway,  she comes up to me as I was eating my lunch in the kitchen area yesterday and asks me about a Halloween party she’s going to have next weekend and if I might be interested in coming, then she stops in mid-thought and says she forgot I have a family so the offer was quickly withdrawn…
The Japanese woman next to me, a single mother-recently granted a divorce-  got only 4 hours of sleep on Monday night (she said) and as the afternoon wore on, she was just hanging on.   Suggested she think about having someone drive her back home so she could get some sleep in her car- to which I was hissed at to keep my concerns to myself…. Think I’ll volunteer a suggestion to her again?
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Penn Ave


Which between 17th & 15th streets, runs past the White House.  This section was at one time now long ago, open to vehicular traffic.

It was closed after the Oklahoma bombing and then there was talk of reopening it, until 9/11 and now its probably closed for good.

Still its one of the quietest and pedestrian friendly places in the city and with all the security about, the safest place in the city.

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Sunday Interlude


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Analyze This, or, Gotta lay Off Those Anchovie Pizzas

Am parked at the Peet’s near the WH just for variety and to see who comes in.  The local ABC news anchor who got himself fired and then went to Fox News popped in  at the Starbucks across the street one day….
One very weird dream last night.  We were at some evening Toyota party of a uber yacht, like 200ft or more, some guy already in his cups keeps bugging me to go the bar and order some tea-based cocktail called Carol something or other.  Relent, go to the bar on deck where the bar tender, some 20ish kid, demands I show proof of age (Ah, dude……)
Get my cocktails go back and there  is the once head of the Washington office, who also was a corporate casualty of the sudden acceleration mess, who shall sit at what table, She sits at one and we are stuck with the table where her significant other sits.  She then starts talking to Son Unit, who is either tongue-tied, or  earnestly wishes she’d go somewhere else….Then I wake up…..
After a couple of sips, if this is dark coffee, then I’d hate to taste what light coffee is.
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