Spolied or Just Painfully Unaware?

Had a newly hired reviewer/lawyer groan about how “awful” work the environment is here.  Smiled inside from the knowledge  at least we can drink a beverage when we want, where we want and the restrooms aren’t something out of a woebegone  gas station out in some best forgotten corner of the world- no crude drawings of penises or vaginas on the stall walls, or “leftovers”  from previous use. 

Told this unenlightened, spoiled lawyer that there is  worse, much worse- I know.

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Figger Aussieemjay Might Appreciate This

image (86)

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BDS- Bush Derangement Syndrome

Definition (Charles Krauthammer)

Bush Derangement Syndrome: the acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency — nay — the very existence of George W. Bush.

In action at 13th & G Streets:

image (85)

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Nice Outfit….

…even thought it harks back to the forgettable stuff of the ’60s.  Bet I’d hear ‘Are you out of your mind,  again?’ from wife unit though.


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The Weekly Circle Goes ‘Round Again

So, I went for the weekend to a vacation home owned by someone I’ve known through work for many years. Drove all the way to a place called Davis, WV.  Pretty rural, with more than a few refugees for the city. Was very chilly. the temp there yesterday morning was in the mid-40’s and supposedly there are only 2  months in the year in which there is no chance of snow.  Hurricane Sandy dumped rain on the East Coast, was told  they got 40 inches of snow….
  Nice place, though getting there is for the hardy and four-wheeled drive.  Pretty much shot my dietary restrictions to hell with the Burbon and bottle of Spanish wine consumed.
But something about the visit  was very unsatisfying and tired me…. didn’t do anything strenuous, but I was very exhausted when I got home, went to bed when a 9-year old would and pretty much slept through the night……….
Interesting human dynamics at the worksite.  There are those Japanese who have been at this project for a while and somehow feel they are entitled to have  loud say in how things are run. To wit,  the woman next to next was scolded for being too loud in the kitchen area.  The scolded is not that loud and even if she  was,  the work “suites” are a safe distance away and the doors are always kept closed.  Had I been the one scolded, I would have asked the scold who died and left her queen of the Klingon Empire.
Am pretty proud of myself this morning;  instead of waiting for the parking garage door where I park to open for business, I snuck in along with a monthly pass holder well before the place was officially open for business.
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Learning to Let Go…Another Chapter

I see trouble brewing. 

Wife unit needs use-or lose vacation time and instead of going off to Vancouver BC or SF to visit friends she hasn’t seen in ages, she’s planning a trip to stay with Son unit for a few days.  She’s looking at flights to but frankly its cheaper to drive,  and not complicated; just I 66 to 81 to 64 to 75. But the journey is it sooo long.   

Knowing her and knowing Son Unit,  unless she recognizes that its his apt  and keeps her mouth shut about what  doesn’t suit her, her visit will not go well.  There were things I saw myself, like some of the disorderliness, that did not suit me but I held my tongue. 

Its all about letting go.

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Endearing moment of the day. 

As I walked past the Treasury building on Penn,  a tiny Asian lady, old enough to be my mother-in-law came up to me and said,  “Excuse me, sir. Which way White House?”  Smiled and pointed…. She was, as anyone who knows DC, practically on top of it of course.


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