A Foggy Morning at



Foggy Bottom, Washington, DC.


A Facebook friend in NYC posted a note her sister (in Japan) has succumbed to a long illness.  Feel saying ‘I’m sorry to hear that’ is so 物足らない.  What I would like to be able to say is to invite her to a place on the beach or in the mountains for as long as she wants, to get away from it all and take in a deep breath.



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Monday morning, sitting at what was a Caribou Coffee shop on the corner of 13th & G Streets in DC……..



….now Peet’s.  The amenities are about as warm and welcoming as a loudly barking, inconsiderate neighbor’s dog.  Think the coffee though is a bit cheaper.  The WiFi is certainly a lot faster and they seem to be doing much more business than the Caribou store did.

Changes in what  I see too.  Don’t see hordes of relatives of Jabba The Hutt, overweight men & women here and people who actually seem to be mentally alive.

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Spot The Oxymoron…..


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The Waitng Game is Over, for a While

Got an e-mail and then telephone call from a legal recruiter yesterday, and now I am on a J-E discovery project that is supposed to run 4 to 5 months, but that could change of course, from my experience, on the whims/needs of the client.

This does not, as I hope I’ve explained clearly to the recruiter in Kentucky, I have given up on full-time, salaried employment.  I am still willing to interview for that position even though superficially , the salary is much lower- in the end it could be a wash as it would be full-time employment for as long as I or the employer wished.

The other job I interviewed for,……got a call from someone at the recruiting firm, and its clear they haven’t quite got thier act  all together.  Did mention I had contacted their on-site person and heard nothing back and was told the company would contact her to get in touch with me.

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The Waiting Game

I’ve not been idle since leaving behind one of my life’s wrong turns.

Interviewed for a short-term, interpreter job with my old employer, Toyota, in Kentucky.  Its  part of a new production line now under construction at the plant and while its only a contractual, 18-month job,  its very appealing as there’d be much to learn -and write about.

The decision on who will be hired for this position was supposed to have been made two days ago, Monday, and despite e-mails and voice messages to the person in change of contracting, I’ve had no word.

A long-term e-discovery project here in DC, for which I had thought-from an e-mail- I had not been selected for has cropped up and I understand I am in the running for.  This will start this coming Monday, and if no word soon from this recruiter….

Another, shorter e-discovery project, also here in DC I am under consideration for but no assurance I will be picked.

And yet another, also in Kentucky which I may be interviewed for.

Otherwise life is sitting idly watching what I call nursing home TV programming, cooking breakfast for wife unit and mowing the lawn.

Life could be worse, I suppose

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Its not The Destination, but The Jounery


On the way back from Kentucky, suppressed the urge to just get back home (to what?) and took a couple of short detours.

The first is a now restored covered bridge off of I-64 in Virginia, called the Humpback Bridge.  It was a nice day too so,



Clever, no?


Some artsy dudes




A spurned suitor of long ago?



Then, stopped nearby, at Lexington, Va to eat here.



Its been in business since the mid-thirties, and while it is nice, if it can now still call itself ‘Southern’ then I am the Archbishop of Fairfax!  Had to suppress my snarky side which wanted me to ask the frenchy-dressed servers if I could get a side of grits with my meal.  






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Whew, That Was Intense

The interview is over, an interview in front of a panel of 3 American & 3 Japanese staff plus the HR people.  I was asked to interpret an imagery, but real life dialog from English to Japanese & Japanese to English. 

I probably came off flustered and I’ll know on Monday whether they want me or not.  While is a contact jig of a year and a half,  its sounds pretty interesting.

Son unit seemed a bit concerned over whether he might find himself with me on the same project, but my hunch is no. 

So back to VA tomorrow to wait.

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