Sometimes You Just Want to Walk Away

Wife unit & I were heading back to our car, parked at one of bigger shopping malls, and we passed the Christmas  display with ‘Santa’ waiting for the next of many small children to tell him what they want for Christmas and how good they’ve been.

Remarked that Santa was probably a very tired Santa, to which wife unit remarked, that he man was just some ordinary old man, who for all she knew might be taking drugs in the evening…….

Kinda puts one right in the holiday sprit, doesn’t it?

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Christmas in DC

Its just hit me….. This morning, the Friday before Christmas,  there were/are  far fewer cars on the road into the city and fewer people scurrying to their destinations.

In my old and often very missed life, this day would be the last day of work until the new year, as it most likely is for many people here today.  There’d be lots of goodies to eat merriment and basically not much work getting done.

Not for us.  Need to work until 5 pm today to meet my new weekly hourly quota (been working from 7:30 am to 7:30 Monday to Thursday) and the following week we are expected to work on Monday & Tuesday, and we must  as were are hourly, not salaried employees.

Feel a bit lonely and forlorn right now.

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しりが青い/Shiri ga Aoi

Literally , your butt is blue (all Asian babies, including son unit have a blue spot on their butt on birth) , but in English it means wet behind the ears.

Have a new person sitting next to me, some 20ish young man fresh from a stint at a Japanese construction company, Toda FWIW, in Japan.

From what I learned yesterday in the brief conversation with him, I am sure he came in expecting a repeat of his Japan experience as a child and that he’d be running the company.

He complained he was assigned Japan domestic construction projects (he’s apparently trained as an architect) and did not like what he saw as HR abuses. All in all the job wasn’t he he aid he was promised.

Sounds to me like he brought his western baggage with him to Japanese corporate.  A bad idea.  Sure there are things in Japanese corporate that would not fly here and compared to the construction industry, where I worked, Toyota, probably seems genteel.

And by assigning him to a domestic project doesn’t surprise me at all….  I think there was a plan to groom him, but you start at  the bottom.  Even at Toyota, a freshly minted college grad/engineer isn’t assigned to drawing parts, at least for a year.  The time spent doing what one is not trained to do is to prove one’s worth and inculcate the culture.  But I guess he’s too young and blinkered to understand that.

Think he pissed away a good opportunity, but then don’t we all when we are that age?

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Sitting at one of the many outposts of the Evil Empire (aka Starbucks) killing time as my vehicle is looked at for a recall it is subject to and yearly service.

Was told there were a number of appointments ahead of me, so there’d be a wait, but that’s no biggie, not much else to do today except recover from the week of document review.

Funny thing is, I came into this Starbucks a bit after 7 am and there were 2 dudes already sitting in the lounge chairs, its now a quarter after nine, and they are still there and show no signs of  stirring out of their seats.

Curious indeed.

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The Heat Gets Turned Up

At the end of the day yesterday, was announcement that starting this coming Monday, we will be expected to work a minimum of 45  hours a week but it is desired that we put in a max of 55 hour per week (the max now is 50).  Further to accommodate this, the start and closing time will be changed to  7:30 to 7:30.

Doing the math on the train back last night, that means and nice extra weekly infusion of $$  each week, but wonder if I can mentally & physically do it.  About 45 minutes before the office closed for the day yesterday, I was going to re-enter the “work suite” and found myself tugging in vain to open the door and getting frustrated.  Then it dawned on me I needed to swipe the security card first….that’s how exhausted I was.  Plus right now I get back home around  8 pm with a bit of time to talk etc.  The new schedule, if I put in the new max, would have me getting home at 9 pm and then collapse into bed.

Reason for the hours?  There’s a deadline looming sometime early next year.

On another note, there s a loose group of late 20ish  Japanese woman here who I can barely get a good morning or hi out of.  Not looking for  ‘Hey, let’s have a drink after work and then see what happens’, just some civility and casual conversation to break the tedium.

Well, the other day one was talking to a guy who came on board about 3 weeks ago and as the conversation progressed she asked him, “you’re not married, right?’  and the  ‘Ah ha!’  light bulb came on.

Guess the hormonal-driven mating urge overrides civility.

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Want to Drive Me Up a Wall?

Son unit used to drive me up the wall in waiting to the last minute to do homework, projects, etc., and think I now know where he gets it from.

Wife unit applied at the last minute to the new store Wegamans is building in so-called Alexandria (its a very liberal definition) scheduled to open in 2015.  She asked me for help with the application on Monday night after I get home at 8 pm and having been up since 4:30 am… I wasn’t very alert and was starting to do more harm than good with the application, so she sent me to bed and resumed the process the deadline day, when I got up early in the morning making, packing my provisions for the day.

But despite all the rush, she did get the application in and the outlook looks good.

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On Weasels

We have had 2 much younger/junior lawyers, a man & woman join the team supervising us and they are now in charge if regular contact with us through e-mails.  The tone of the e-mails from the male, are nothing short of condescending in attitude (much different than our experience with the more senior lawyers) and its starting to irritate.

Believe this person is a.) compensating for being way out of his comfort zone and b.) has it in his mind he’s going to show his management he can ‘get things done’ no matter whose toes he will step on.  I have  a word for that sort of character: a weasel.

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