Prisoner of Microsoft

Haven’t used the laptop  regular in a while (‘thanks’ to the work hours)  and as I shut down the laptop yesterday, the shut down and my freedom to move on was held hostage by another Microsoft update, you know the message about not powering off or unplugging unit the update is finished.

It was a particularly long update of some 35 items, which also meant an equally long boot up this morning  as the laptop was ‘configured’ with  the  numerous updates.

But what I’ve wondered is if these updates are needed, why do I not see a marked improvement in the laptop’s performance?

Well, Microsoft?

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2 Responses to Prisoner of Microsoft

  1. Apparently you are under the impression that these updates are for YOUR benefit and not Microsoft’s LOL To be honest, with all the problems Microsoft had with its updates in the past few months, it makes me definitely leery that they want to go towards an operating system that would reside almost entirely in the cloud…

  2. The updates aren’t for my benefit?! 😉

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