Shit Happens…and Other shit

Am told we are on the downward slope in finishing this project and the small individual demands from the Japanese visiting engineers seem to proportionally escalate.  Last Friday was a good example of this;  scurried abut and at the end of the day, there were some request that cold not be met  as what was needed simply had not arrived from Japan yet.

But the reaction from some of these visiting Japanese engineers was, ‘Ok, so what are you going to do about it?’  very hard to explain there was nothing I or anyone else could do.  Its what I see as one of the Japanese traits- they love to plan (think of the line fro Red October, about not taking a dump without a plan) but when things go off the rails, as things do… they seem quite helpless and unable to cope/improvise.

Also had a worrisome moment last week about what I did or did not say.  I interpreted between a Japanese and a couple of local contractors and was called over as it was thought I had directed the contractors to do a task they weren’t supposed to do yet.  Very fine line between what I said and what I said meaning he information I transmitted.

Personally,  I find myself well over my head and then left out of the loop when the Japanese discussion gets into scheduling and very detailed talk about the machines and the functions they perform. Simply don’t have the deep background for this, which I mentioned over and over again during the hiring process.  and as written an number of time before, have had little interpretation experience too.  So, again as also said in earlier posts, don’t believe had misrepresented myself and would have no hard feelings if told its not working out.  This gig is a hardship gig.



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