From the Local Branch of The Evil Empire (aka Starbucks)

Sunday morning and while I could make my morning coffee at son unit’s one bedroom apt,  there not a whole lot of ambiance there and as I type, he has also had his 3D printer grinding away again……

Work was very bust last week.  With all the people assigned too or doing different things all at once,  I have a sense that the work is like fitting out a ship once the hull is finished.  People skills are necessary too.  There was a small kerfuffle on Friday morning with one of the Japanese  vendors getting visibly upset at the work the electrician’s were doing and in the conversation, taking a personal shot at my interpretation skills- which would have bothered me say 25 years ago, but as I have said a number of times,  interpretation experience is something I have little of and if there is that much dissatisfaction over my efforts, then I will not be terribly hurt if asked to return home.  This job, while not nearly as bad as working for the Ghetto Company, is still a hardship posting.

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