So Tired

Think of the John Lennon song from the White Album…..

From standing on my feet for most of the day, and the heat & humidity on the plant floor, coupled with where I am in my life…. dragged myself back to son unit’s apartment, had a quick bowl of cereal as my evening meal, fed son unit’s 2 cats as he was totally engrossed in an online game/chat, and then went to sleep very early in the evening only waking up in fits during the night.

A nasty shock yesterday as well.  Got my 2nd paycheck last night and had to drive after work about 10 miles or so to deposit it, and saw that after taxes, my gross was less than $1,oooo for that week.  That doe snot bode well for seeing this gig through, although I’ll admit just for mostly standing around during the day, its not all that bad.  Still I have a mortgage back home that still needs to be paid off and while what I earn here does help to stop the money hemorrhage,  …….need more than just pocket money


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