Welcome back, Ya’ll


What you see before you is the dinner son unit prepared for me upon returning this evening from the second  and last round of cataract surgery back home, which went well. I no longer need to wear glasses for distance vision, but need cheaters to do stuff like this.

Its pork, piled on with cayenne, paprika, black pepper and some sugar, a recipe he said he got off the internet.  He likes his food spicy. Why is a mystery as we never really ate much spicy stuff at home while he grew up.

The ride from home to  here doesn’t get an easier or shorter- 10  hours one-way.  As I was travelling westward, particularly through West Virginia,  noticed quite a number of vehicles sporting Ohio license plates also westward bound.

Now Ohio, or as I call it, The Flat West Virginia,  has citizens, Buckeyes they call themselves, who seem to think The Flat West Virginia is the center of the universe.  If that is so, then why do so many Ohioans (Flat West Virginians) choose to take their vacations out of state?



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