Into the Next Phase

Missed out on the post shutdown wrap up with the Japanese engineers which probably was a blessing. But learned a bit of the afterhours activities. The forms of recreation I was told about was trips to local casinos or strip clubs, or Hooters. One of the visiting engineers apparently asked one of the U.S. staff he worked with, what the cost of an American woman would be. Hmmmmmm, glad I did not have to field that one. Was told the answer was it all depended on how much money one has.

Another story revolves around tipping. One of the Japanese meant to leave a $1 tip, but U.S. money being what it is in size and color, the person wound up slipping the person a $100 bill as a tip…..Serves him right for being cheap and besides what the hell was he doing with a $100 bill to begin with?

Now we all devote our full attention the crux of our being here; the installation of a new engine machining line, and interestingly enough, what I did absorb at the Ghetto Company helps a bit as the machinery is similar. This means many more Japanese engineers about, being busier- at least today, and more one on one with the Japanese engineers and the local folks, which I can handle. I was also asked to interpret for 2 standup meetings today as well. That didn’t work out. Its just not my thing due to not having much knowledge of the whole picture, vocabulary, etc. Both times were a mess, but hey, if it gets too bad, I’ll just be told they need someone else and I’ll go back home, with no hard feelings.

An example of the value of being precise. I was called over to a knot of Japanese engineers and local staff to sort out something. The Japanese said they needed a new plastic connector. Now does new mean new as in new design? No, they only wanted another r connector to replace a broken one.

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