Sunday, Y’all


At the local Starbucks, which is strangely quite for this time of the day; usually and on weekdays, this place is humming with business with the cadence of deep Southern accents floating about.  Its a nice break too from the one bedroom apt I am sharing with son unit.  Not much to do and the chance of scenery is nice.

The craziness of the week-long shutdown for retooling is over but not done.  I need to report very early tomorrow morning when the assembly lines start to spit out cars, to be with the Japanese engineers, who are there in the event something they worked on last week goes wrong.

I am told that for this section of the plant the work went smoothly.  It was tiring  but interesting with a few observations.

The first is a tip to these Japanese engineers, most of who do not speak English with any degree of fluency, who can cut their way through some very thick/string sluthern accents.  One of the American staff, sounds very much like the charaatcher, Mater in the moive, “Cars”.

Also the delicate dance that must be performed between the Japanese staff and the unionized workers.  Was asked by one of the Japanese dispachees to ask  one of the millwrights to set up a piece of equipment that supported electrical wiring.  was told I needed to go to the electricians.  A millwright came to me saying that something installed by one of the Japanese vendors was interfering  with his work.  After sorting out which Japanese vendor, the offending piece belonged to, we learned the piece had been simply put on backwards  prior to it being installed by him…….

Then there was  an exchange between a Japanese vendor and the local factory \staff.  On inspection of a control panel, a protective plastic shield over some circuitry had been placed not as specs dictated, which could allow fingers to slip through and…. The Japanese vendor said they had not touched this area during this modification and indirectly meant that since the factory had not caught this before it signed off for delivery inspection, it was not their problem.  The issue is going to be fixed, but I wonder what the person’s attitude would have been had it been Japan and they were dealing with a Japanese rep?

So have tomorrow to get through and then a trip back home to take care of my other eye.






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