Bad Coffee Day

Yesterday.  Had a one day holiday the day before and did not do anything particularly strenuous. Then before heading out in the morning for this job, made what probably was too strong a cup of coffee.

A hour or so later,  I could feel my pulse racing strongly- alarmingly so,  felt queasy below and my hip joints felt as though they were on fire  from the standing I must do.

Was sent home before noon and slept for the remainder of the day and for most of last night as well.  This morning,  felt fine and had a normal workday.

Am envious of the native Japanese interpreters who can put into Japanese far more smoothly than I, what needs to be said to them. I find myself afterwards thinking to myself I should have put what I wanted to say to the Japanese another way.  But then as I have said before,  my interpretation experience has been little to none and if my skills are found wanting, again I won’t be too offended if I am released.


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