Been away but a bit of a week and the politics, posturing and bloviation of DC seems so far way.

A thought hit me yesterday, after taking in the latest cowardly assault on those who willingly put their lives on the line to keep evil from dissolving the society we take for granted into anarchy.

Ii is now shutdown time here.  That is, all car production has stopped and during a very short period of time, machinery is adjusted, modified or replaced. And in the very small corner of this very large factory, there is assembled to carry out part of this work, a team that includes an expat Brit, a Slav, a Muslim, numerous Japanese who are here on temporary assignment and a big dollop of good ‘ole boys.  And you know what?  Everyone gets along just fine here.

Perhaps if all of us  paid very little attention to the race-baiters, the  race hustlers and the media outlets who given them voice, and we might just be surprised at just how well we do get along.


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