What I see as I open the Door in the Morning


This job started last Monday and my “workweek” will extend to this coming Monday and then a day off.

Part of what requires the long week is the plant is in the middle of its biannual shutdown, during which new machinery and line layouts must be completed within a very limited time, i.e., before the plant starts up operation again.

My job and the job of the other translators/interpreters on this project is to interface with the Japanese engineers and the local staff as they do their work. This involves sometimes a delicate dance sometimes between union contractors and the Japanese.  There’s also, even after this factory has been here for 30 years now, lingering bigotry towards the Japanese.  Overheard one of the local contractors make a remark about the little Japanese men.

The other translators/ interpreters on this project,  all native Japanese handle interpreting much better than I do.  But I also said at time of hire, I felt my strength is in translating, not interpreting, especially Toyota stuff.  Because of this, I wouldn’t be surprised, or upset to be told I am just not up to scratch with intercepting , but we’ll see.

Conditions here are a universe wide difference between this plant and that Ghetto Company where I worked.  No silly, rules for the sake of control, facilities are not first class, but the toilets are not vandalized.  And employee morale is much different as well.  But then this is Toyota and not the Ghetto Company.

Seem to be doing a decent job of staying out of son unit’s way and do chores, like cleaning out his cat’s liter boxes, washing his (and my ) clothes, preparing him a bento, like this one:


He has also started night shift for a week meaning he’s gone when I come back. But he has bought himself a 3D printer and every evening since I arrived last week, he’s had it running well into the evening.  I still get to sleep, but it’d be nicer without the noise.  But as wife unit said, if I can quickly go to sleep with a fan running….



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2 Responses to What I see as I open the Door in the Morning

  1. Raising a glass and hoping the assignments works out for you!

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