And So We Start


Arriving 2 days before the start of my latest, but temporary adventure to keep our bank account from bleeding dry.

There’ll be difficulties in this.  One as I wrote earlier is my inexperience with interpreting.  The other is living for a lengthy period of time with Son Unit.

He’s a good kid and has noticeably matured since leaving university 2 years ago.  He  even prepared me this welcome dinner.


Though the steak was overcooked (even he admitted it) and had way to much pepper on it (he’s into that, I am not) it was a nice gesture.  Still,  living with him…  First of all it is his space I am intruding into  and how we keep house couldn’t be different.  He, to put  it nicely, is casual about his housekeeping, especially around the kitchen area. I am not casual  about house keeping,  not into military barracks like neatness, but I am comfortable with being neat.

My neatness concerns probably come out of growing up at home with a mother who while educated  and worked as a medical professional her working life, was also a slob. A slob like seeing as a child, heaps of unwashed dishes in the sink in the morning, and watching cockroaches scurry away from out from under these dishes as I moved them to clean up…….

But it is time to move onwards with this new job, which starts tomorrow.


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