Tale of 2 Brothers

Me and my younger brother that is.

We of course grew up in the same home until he started spending his summers at an aunt’s house in eastern Ohio and after high school graduation, really never came back home.  From there he went to college nearby got a job locally and from then on stayed in Ohio (or as I call it, the flat West Virginia).

I stayed home, went to my continued  regret,  a local college, and from there took the step that changed my life and I would say saved me by going to Japan.

In the years that followed,  younger brother, either through brainwashing, peer pressure, osmosis or whatever,  inculcated the sometime rabid hatred  those in Ohio have of all things Michigan, particularly  the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  Now mind you, he never attended Ohio State University (aka that arrogant school in Columbus) and to my knowledge has never been in Michigan.

For my part, coming back to the U.S. and working in the automobile industry meant frequent trips to Detroit and Ann Arbor, where most OEMs have a technical office, partially because the EPA has its vehicle certification lab there.   I found Ann Arbor a small but pleasant and somewhat eclectic  college town, and home of course to the University of Michigan.

I was aware of the rivalry between Ohio State University and the University of Michigan, also noted that all the trash talk seemed to come from Ohio State and not the other way around.

So after a while of younger brother trashing talking (he had a cookout at which someone wore a T shirt on which, ‘Ann Arbor is a Whore’ was printed) a college he knows next to nothing about, on behest of a university he never attended,  I gravitated towards the University of Michigan, which mind you,  I never attended and when the opportunity presents itself, I take him to task for his blind, groundless allegiance to the Arrogant School in Columbus.

One opportunity is my upcoming birthday, and I sent him an email with this suggestion for a present:

This state sucks

Am not holding my breath though about getting this mug….



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