And That Was Short

But at least knew that going in, that this latest J-E related project was to last as long as iit would take for 4 people to translate  100+ Japanese business documents of varying style and length into English.  Two weeks and a couple of days, which was about what we were told going in. Interestingly enough, while for one week, I put in hours almost equal to those I had put in during my last project, I came home feeling less fatigued.  I attribute that to the translation being less mechanical  than just plain document reviewing- a bit like reading and because there is so much context that has to be read between the lines,  trying to fit the pieces together like a puzzle.

It was also a lesson in that as everywhere perhaps,  every business entity has its own culture which is reflected in the way its employees write and that a translator has to get used to.

And it was good- besides the money coming in- was I worked for a law firm again which I had sworn I never would again.  My first was a job for 3  months in NYC, an unpleasant experience.  Was told thought the DC office of this form was  comparatively laid back. And so it was.  True like many  work I’ve done inside a law firm,  our worksite was an area that no one else would have wanted, but still, it was tolerable. But then given the short time there…

So now back to staying at home.  I’ve seen a project that is supposed to run for a year + which I quickly applied to, but have not heard a thing.  Also a job in Kentucky, a purchasing job, for which I have no direct experience, but figure I have learned something about the job.  Besides perhaps the lack of experience, salary will probably be problematic. Was asked about a translator/interpreter job, but first as I learned, I am not an interpreter. Second,  while my second language skills have served me well since parting with Toyota in 2007, its kept us from having to selling our house,  its not my complete skills and experience package as I told the recruiter.  I’ve been in management, mentored and managed staff advocated, negotiated and so much more.

Bitterly cold outsode right now. Doubt the outside temperature is above freezing.  Have a small electric heater at my feet to keep my chroicaly chilled feet warm.




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