Some $$$ Coming In For a Bit

Started on Tuesday, what I was told would be a 2 or 3 week review project, but as often is the case, the agency had no idea was it wastalking about/the client was mum on the details.

As usual, can’t share specific’s, but its is J to E translation of business documents.  A good thing in a way as its really been a while since I have done this and I see I am rusty.

The client I have worked for before in NYC- not a pleasant experience ether.  Its only been a couple of days, but here in DC, things seem much more laid back.

The building lobby, once housing a bank, is cavernous with one reception desk in the middle towards the rear. I’d take a photo of it with my cellphone to show how the lobby dwarfs everything else, but have a feeling that would not go over so well.

Behind the receptionist desk is the entrance to the elevator bank, the passageway flanked by a set of very sturdy iron bars, welded in the open position.  My guess is this was the entrance to the bank vaults once and the fact the bars still  remain, and given of what I know of high profile, big law firms, these bars strike me as a private joke.

Different work atmosphere too.  We are told we should work no more than 60 hours a week, but we are free to work as much as we like.  Different from my last job which also had a max hour limit and, ‘you don’t have to work the max, but…’ Very little; chit-chat too a difference from the last job.  Perhaps those working are more professional?

Life after Blizzard 2016 is slowly getting back to normal.


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