The Most Advanced 3rd World Country on the Planet


I’ve witnessed/experienced, many examples of this.  The latest is from wife unit, who is back in Japan for a couple of weeks on family business.

One of the things she has looked forward to is watching when she has a spare moment, Japanese TV broadcasting, but when she tuned on the TV at her mother’s home, there was no reception.

Why?  because the rooftop antenna wires has broken.  Rooftop antenna???!!  Given the proliferation of cable TV in the United States, I can’t remember in recent memory a house that still has a rooftop TV antenna on it, especially not around this area.

Wife unit calls the area where she grew up, the sticks, but actually  it is now more of a now bedroom town, sandwiched  between the cities of Nagoya and Toyohashi. An old town to be sure, but not 田舎.

Japan touts itself as developing world-class, cutting edge technologies, and yet, there are still rooftop antennas.


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One Response to The Most Advanced 3rd World Country on the Planet

  1. I think this anecdote is the perfect image on how Japan is a paradox. I remember a few years back reading that you could watch almost 10 on-air TV channels on your cell phone in Tokyo, which seems almost at odds with the Net.

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