The more I talk to son unit about tech, the dumber I feel and in a way, feel less at ease.

There is one road between the cities of Georgetown & Lexington Ky,, New Circle Rd,  which becomes a daily clusterfuck  during the local rush hours.  You’d think after the Toyota factory opened there in 1988 and now the local government would have figured a way to iron out this traffic kink by now, but…..

So on  Friday night,  after son unit retuned from his business trip, I picked him up at the rental car agency and then took  him into Lexington, Ky, where his car had been left for repairs.

Going back and as son unit still isn’t all that familiar with Lexington, Ky, he used his Google app for driving directions back to his apt. I used the directions provided by my own vehicle’s inboard navigation.

I followed him and about ten minutes into the drive back and then he tuned his car off the road, I kept going and after I had arrived, he  said he arrived about 15 minutes before I did.

The 15 minutes is not that big a deal to me, but the reason why is. He explained to me that Google navigation is real time, based on how fast it senses the myriad cellphones which use it/are connected to it  are moving and thus can provide a driver with less congested and in this case, quicker alternatives, which my OEM navigation cannot.

Cool in one sense, but disquieting in another.  Google can reach out and “touch” even the most mundane of our daily lives.


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