Human Company

Apartment/pet sitting for son unit has allowed me to do whatever, whenever I want, but it definitely has its downside. Outside of the cats and rather crappy (Time Warner) cable, the walls can close in for me at least6,  quickly.

So here I am again, at the nearby Starbucks, which at mid-morning is absolutely humming, to have some decent coffee and immerse myself in human interaction.

Haven’t kept myself cooped  up;  visited 2 bourbon distilleries, one Buffalo Trace was really enjoyable in what we were shown and learned  e.g. GMO corn is not used as we were told it does affect the taste of the final product), the other Woodford, was comparatively  antiseptic and a bit of a let down. But the Woodford distillery product was more pleasant to my palate. There are many other distilleries here to visit; was told at one time, Kentucky had over 1800 bourbon distilleries, many of them fell victim to one of the most stupid, self-righteous attempt by the federal government to regulate how we live, Prohibition.

Son unit’s vehicle, which refused to start on the day he picked up his rental car fro the business trip he is on, needs more, extensive work, like $2,400 worth. I question putting in that much money into a car that is now 13 years old (but less than 60 k on the odometer) Brakes and drums need replacing (had a hunch about that)  All the fluids need replacing as well as the work needed to make the car run right.  One way of looing at this is  in the 13 years this vehicle has been on the road, some of the basic maintenance was never done and the chickens have come home to roost so to speak.  Still, with the other issues he has had with this VW Golf, I believe this will be the last Volkswagen son unit will own.

The pull of where I call home is strong; need to get in touch with wife unit too, who is in Japan now, and I am looking forward to son unit returning tomorrow and me driving back home the following day.


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5 Responses to Human Company

  1. Never had the chance to try Woodford’s, although I had heard great things about it. Buffalo Trace’s ok but I’m not a bourbon drinker either. Give me a good scotch any day!

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