Breakfast at Starbucks

Thought I’d give myself a break from the alternate cold cereal & milk/eggs and bacon morning regimen I’ve followed so far, and walked to a nearby Starbucks, against the express orders of son unit as part of the walk involves a stretch with no sidewalks.

This outpost of the Evil Empire sits slightly off of I-75 and frankly, at this hour of the morning, 08:00, I expected it to be humming, but no.  But what’s notable to me about this one is that it is not staffed by somnolent, sometimes surly, people who give the impression the job is beneath them, but by 3 young, perky women, who may not want to be up and working at this hour on a Sunday morning, but at least they don’t show it.

Spent at the recommendation of a local,  most of the day at one of the many distilleries here in Kentucky, called The Buffalo Trace Distillery. A nice trip learning about some cool stuff in the making of whiskey and of course there was the sampling of the wares afterwards.


Not really much a bourbon/whiskey person making me not overwhelmed by the tasting experience, but hey could have spent the day less productively.


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