Hanging with the Cats



Son Unit’s cats that is.  He’s now away for perhaps 2 weeks on a business rip, so as I haven’t much else to do at home,  apartment sit , save him some money on cat sitting fees and have someone he knows look after his apt.

Been here since Thursday and there are things I don’t ;eave unattended, ignore – like cleaning/cleanliness ( which is subjective)  he does- but have to remind myself I need to respect that he’s paying the rent, its his place, so barring something extremely over the top….

What am I going to do to keep myself occupied?  Well, he’s got a Netflix account, but see the selection is very limited; movies I’ve seen before, multiple times and others which I wouldn’t subject my eyes and brain to.

There’s an unfinished Halo Reach game I could try and complete.  If ever this end of December weather decides to turn for the better,  plan to go on some whiskey distillery tours.  A day trip to the Flat West Virginia (aka Ohio) to visit my last surviving aunt,….and there are the cats to be kept fed, litter box clean and entertained.



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