Yet again another post-shooting incident ritual has started.  Again from the left, renewed calls for gun control/confiscation (their end game)  before the facts of yesterday’s horror have yet to be found/made public, before the victim’s blood can be washed out from the crime scene, all for political gain.  Vile, vile, vile. And then there are  those on the right, standing on an absolute right to own firearms.

From my experience in industry and dealing with the government and the  so-called “advocates” and regulation, I’ve come to  realize the left in this country believe that a  government with the untrammeled power to enact laws and regulations, administered  by Solon-like bureaucrats, will lead us to a paradise on earth. This is a fallacy.

Yes, law and regulations serve to correct wrongs and protect us, but they can never ever make our lives risk-free as the left and the mainstream media would have us believe in the debate over guns. A government and its laws and regulations will not coerce the lion to lay down with the lamb.

As long as there are the angry, the disgruntled, the disturbed, the ideological zealots who believe no amount of blood spilt for their cause is too great,  and the evil, we  will still have mayhem.

Whether such people have or do not have access to firearms is irrelevant. A baseball bat, kitchen carving knives, hatchets, hammers, a motor vehicle, even a pen or pencil, etc., etc., etc.,  can turned into lethal weapons.  Yes, the casualty  list would probably be much lower, but there would still be casualties.

Like the fallacy that laws and government will  lead us to our paradise on earth, there is also the fallacy that a solution is one-dimensional. More effectively dealing with the disturbed, like the individual in Colorado, now facing charges for murder, is one step towards doing something besides bleating for gun control. But this the left continues to ignore.

Another thought is that in this country, we have be told for generations to rely on our government and as individual citizens not to take matters into our own hands.  To a point this is sensible and keeps our society functioning. But there are times, and this is in no way meant to minimize the daily contribution law enforcement makes to keep our lives safe and protected,  such as our parents when we were only children, that our government and its laws, our law enforcement people cannot be with us all the time to protect us from danger. That we need  when the occasion calls for it, to act less as sheepeople.



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