My internet provider, Verizon, has sent me a couple of letters about a promotio9n they want me to take advantage of.  Its for a new, upgraded router which among other things would allow WiFi internet access within a 350 foot radius.

Why not then?  Well, if you think critically about this, 350 feet is I am thinking, the average distance from a major league baseball stadium’s home plate to the outfield fences, and unlike that distance, this is a radius, 350 feet in all directions. Meaning in my case, the WiFi signal would not only bleed over to my immediate (left, right, front & rear) neighbor’s houses, but also at least ten other homes in a 350 foot radius. And by bleeding over, means the possibly of someone managing to hack on and use our WiFi, a thought I am definitely not comfortable with.

While we are on tech, had an object lesson from Son Unit in being “with” tech. As he was getting in the TSA line on Sunday morning, I asked him where his boarding pass was, as I saw no paper in his hand…. He with a ‘duh’ look, he pointed to this Samsung smartphone…… Felt so old at that moment.

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