Personally,  having to think of a relevant, yet catchy title every time I want to post gets in the way of posting, and  thinking about this a bit more,  see myself skipping a post title altogether from here on out.

Son unit after some persuasion and offer to pay for his airfare, will be coming home briefly for the holidays, for a vacation.  Think  Mother Unit is on the same page and won’t be pressing him too much on what he should do while he’s here.

For me,  It’ll be interesting to observe how he reacts in his once familiar surroundings; he hasn’t been home since the start of his junior year in college. For myself,  my real separation from my home was a few years after I went to Japan.  On returning home for a short visit, there was the fuzzy bit of nostalgia, but also a deep intuitive realization that I had outgrown my home ‘hood.

Still looking and still applying for the next job.  I would really like to land a permanent full-time job in government affairs, but see myself slowly admitting those days are over and I need to concentrate on contact J-E E-discovery gigs.

Was on the receiving end of a backhanded shot the other day.  I was in the frozen food section of Wegmans, doing some pre-Thanksgiving Day shopping and looking a a selection of frozen pie shells, one a national brand and the other, and on sale, lesser known brand.

Beside me as a young, several months pregnant Asian women also deciding which to buy.  As a reached for the lesser known brand, she asked me which of the pie shells I would recommend. Told her for myself, it really didn’t matter (the cheaper of the two), to which she gave a short laugh and said she should have expected I would say that as I am a guy……………..



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  1. Hope your Thanksgiving goes without a hitch for the whole gang!

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