This is the IRS……

Really it wasn’t. Just a fem-bot robo call  left on the voice mail, informing me the IRS is going to take legal action against me and to call 804……


I know that if I have issues with my taxes, the IRS will  send me a notice by snail mail. And the IRS will not sue me, the DOJ does that…..

A couple of things. One, how stupid do these scammers think people are, or conversely, there are people that stupid/gullible out there?  Perhaps in our case, there is some public information that wife unit is a naturalized citizen, doesn’t know any better and thus easy prey?

The other thing/temptation is to play along with these scammers, and should they threaten to come to my residence, invite them to do so, and have real Federal agents waiting to greet them.

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3 Responses to This is the IRS……

  1. Well, from I remember reading about these type of scams, if they manage to get a 10% response rate, they’re in the money, so it’s just a matter of throwing at net in the sea and find some gullible targets.

    • Just 10%, or one in ten calls made…I’m guessing these lower life forms target the elderly, immigrants, and the woefully ill informed.

      • Yes. A few years back, I remember that they made lots of arrest here in Montreal of amoral so-and-so having set up a freakin’ call centre with over 50 employees calling elderly people in the US and elsewhere in Canada to tell them they had received an inheritance and they just to pay a “nominal” fee to process the transaction.

        Fraud on an Enron level is a plague but these people are the worst as they target directly their victims. People who would willingly work in these schemes deserve karmic retribution.

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