About the best way to describe today… overcast, light drizzle and much on the mind.

Believe after several conversations with the people, or rather the window people of the company that runs the parking garage where I had my car parked,  I am free and clear for not being charged in November for parking I have no use for.  The sticking point was the terms and conditions say  must give 30 days notice, but when one is suddenly laid off…  A lesson in this is the wisdom of paying as I think most of the other reviews did, on a daily basis.  A bit more expensive, but at the same time, the break can be make more cleanly.

Unemployment has ben approved.  Not a whole lot of $$ and it never is, but at least it’ll pay for groceries.  DC has gotten a bit stricter.. was asked this time for proof of my separation, which I had in the e-mail telling me my services are no longer required.

Went to one staffing agency in person to re-up my file. Have never gotten any work from them, but its one item I can put on my reports to DC unemployment that I am actively looking for work.

Haven’t said a thing to son unit yet, and really don’t see why right now.  Not sure if he’d worry or not, but why burden him.. he’s got enough on his plate as it is.

Then there is wife unit, who continues to have run-ins with her fellow employees at her section f the store.  Now she’s thinking of quitting, which is not to be taken lightly as she is the one carrying the health insurance ( a big minus in the J-E document review work is while the $$ is very good, there are no benefits, like heath insurance). And thanks to that farce foisted upon the people of the United States called Obamacare,  without health insurance, one has a fine to pay to the IRS.

And while she may not be working with the brightest bulbs on the light stand -it is after all just a grocery store- wife unit continually shows a lot of rigidity -my way or the highway- which is why she gets very little help at home, and thinking back on her past employment, both here and in Japan, there’s always, always been something wrong with the company or one or two of the people she works with, always.  That I think means a great deal.

And one may wonder why men live generally less longer than women???

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2 Responses to Dreary

  1. Sorry to hear about the termination. Hope things go way soon enough!

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