And Like That….Unemployment


The project ended as of COB last night. some are to be called back for a couple months to clean up, but I was not among those selected. Not upset.  You have to go into these projects knowing there is an end date out there.  This one ran for 14 months, which is the longest period of steady employment I have had for quite a while- am grateful for that.

So, I’ve now got loads of time  on my hands and no need to get up much earlier than this time to prepare for the day.  No healthy walk from Rosslyn to Metro Center either.

Today, its cancel the monthly parking so I am not charged for next month, file for unemployment and start searching again.  Sent out my resume to 3 legal staffing agencies before I went to bed last night.   A real full time job though is what I am really after.  Have mused about paying off the mortgage too:  we’re going to be under 50k soon. Sure we’d lose the interest deduction, but on the other hand, I would not have to shoot  for high-paying jobs just to continue to make the monthly payments either. Yes, there is still property tax to pay, a cool 7k a year now and homeowners insurance to carry, but even with than, I could get by on much less.

Looking down  at the lower right hand corner of the screen at he time,  instead of sitting comfortably in my chair. I’d be walking somewhere on Penn Ave, nearing the WH at this time.

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2 Responses to And Like That….Unemployment

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    One benefit is not having to deal with the metro for a while …
    Would love to be that close to paying off the mortgage.
    Hope something else turns up soon.

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