Something in The Past

This morning, wife unit will go to her employer-specified clinic to be checked out for a possible worksite injury.

She transferred depts. about a month ago and has had difficulties with a late 70ish Vietnamese woman who has been there for ages- longer than wife unit.  Why this woman is there?  Seems she has a chronically ill husband and the  employer insurance plan helps a great deal:  Medicaid/Medicare I am told pretty much doesn’t pay for diddly squat.

From day one of the new job,  wife unit says she has been verbally and physically harassed by this person- all coming to a head when she was elbowed in the abdomen the other day.  Thus the visit to the clinic today.

Why she did not immediately   report this to her supervisor and to HR is beyond me.  There is no reason to 我慢 and play the martyr as many Japanese do.

There is no apparent reason for wife unit to be treated this way. But maybe, just maybe, there’s  something in this woman’s past.  You see if one does the math, this woman was a young girl when the Japanese occupied what we now call Vietnam, in World War II, and maybe she experience something as a young girl that’s she carries with her to this day.

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