Survivor II- The Other Shoe Drops

Yesterday a number of new reviewers, lawyers most likely and most likely English-language reviewers in an equal or greater number to those let go on Friday, were brought onto the project.  And those who were let go were apparently told to come by mid-morning yesterday to pick up their personal effects.  There are a good number of people who pretty much camp out at their work stations with the collection of knick knacks etc.  I do not do this as I have learned my employment in this line of work is a very ephemeral thing, that it could very well end the next day leaving me or somebody the task  of carrying back a good box full of “stuff”.

Saw  some who had been let go, among them people I am not sorry to see the back of and a couple of folks, whose dismissal has left me puzzled. Felt sorry and thought they must be a bit embarrassed. One, a Japanese woman, decided to give me a parting hug, which weirded me out.  I’m not adverse to public displays of affection, but this is something the Japanese aren’t known for either.

Getting home, saw an e-mail from our direct employer informing us that for those, like me, who are not lawyers,  our maximum billable hours are now 45 and that we need to adjust our working hours for the remainder of the week.

Even less money in the weekly paycheck doesn’t make me happy, but at least I am local.  Those from out of town may have to reassess staying here since overtime pays for lodging and makes working away from home doable.   I remember being told too that for a long time the billable hours for this project were set at 40.

And of course this may be another sign the project is winding down and in the end, we’ll all be back out on the street.  Continue to look for real full-time employment.  Saw one job that more matches my complete skill set, applied, got an e-mail with follow up questions. Replied. And was nicely told they were looking for someone more entry level, and with a salary they mentioned 55k a year,  that’s pretty entry level.

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