The Papal Visit II

Now that the Pope is outta here (and in Philadelphia at the moment) life in the this area can return to normal.

I’m not anti-clerical, but would like, on a micro level to point out what else the Papal visit to DC meant, that in all the warm, gushing glow coverage of the visit was ignored by ALL the media.

3 days of disruption.

Sounds petty, self-centered and selfish, but no.

I speak of economic impact, of work and income lost.  A micro example,  there’s a Japanese restaurant around the Capital that offers a 弁当- lunch box service to those at our worksite and other Japanese interest in the District.  It suspended this service for the 3 days, most likely to the hassle of trying to move around the city with all the no-go areas that were in place.

The outfit that shares the same floor with us, closed its doors for the 3 days and I noticed the buildings directly across from us had mostly darkened windows for the 3 days, hopefully those who work there were given paid furloughs.  Fewer lunch trucks out- loss of income and for these people, they definitely have no paid furloughs and bet they can’t write the loss off from taxes. Fewer people working at the service industries, the Starbucks, McDonalds, etc., ; chain loss of income for both the business and their employees.

So given this, was it really all worth it? Perhaps as one co-worker put it, the Pope should have had one or 2 mega masses outside the district?

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