In Crowd Out

There’s a young Korean woman on the project, who studied and speaks, reads Japanese at a level high enough to do this sort of work.  A somewhat newly minted attorney too with student loans to pay off -which s why she is on this gig.

She’s a nice kid, and we found ourselves up on the rooftop of the building we work at, on our 30 minute break, talking.

Now she tries hard to fit in with the other women on the review project, perhaps to hard  and she now told me she’s just discovered the cliques that exist among these Japanese women and the ‘we don’t like them, so we won’t associate or share information with them’ attitude among them and that she is among those “out”.

This bothers me not on a personal level, but on a more broader, adult level.  There are Japanese women, in ages from the early forties to fifties, with the emotional IQ of a group of spoiled, self-centered junior high school girls- if that.

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