From Hitler to Herbie to Hubris

Am slowly coming to intelligent life as the morning coffee diffuses into the system.  Near 7 am and its sill dark- an obsession of keeping us on DST way after its served its purpose.

Can’t take credit for the tittle, that was part of a cheeky headline in The Guardian I believe, about the VW scandal, which it seems is indeed true.

The hubris I’ve seen before;  when I worked at Mitsubishi, it was a drive to push sales meaning I learned, credit was extended to people who shouldn’t have been extended credit to even buy a pack of gum, then the chickens came home to roost.  And IMHO, Mitsubishi has never really recovered from that.

Toyota too, which lead I believe in part to its problems 5 years ago.  And now VW, the root cause its seems is the drive for a somewhat meaningless honor of being the #1 car manufacturer in the world.  From what I’ve read, the tech people are taking the rap for this, when based on my own automotive experience,  I’ll bet a good dinner digging more deeply would show the marketing people pushed the tech people to do this. They too should  be held accountable.

But stepping back a bit, my own observation is VWs troubles started with a deep misunderstanding of American culture, history and its people.  This has manifested itself in the mess, solely of Wolfsburg’s creation, at its U.S., manufacturing facility over would there be or not a union at the plant, regardless of how its host area feels.

It also has led to this the current scandal, in that I believe VW thought it could count on this staying hidden because in Europe and Asia  the masses (I hate to use Marxist lexicon but) are culturally and historically  conditioned to accept without much question, what they’ve been told.

Here in the U.S., from our colonial experience to present day, we’ve had a history of not accepting things or claims at face value, we doubt, we test, we verify, which led to a group to say (for different reasons) ‘ Let’s check VW’s claims out’.

And the rest is history unfolding before us.

The impact of this will be huge and ugly for the automotive industry as a whole. ne might say it deserves it, but keep in mind any increased governmental oversight will mean increased costs, which will be passed on to you, the  consumer.

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