The Papal Visit

Right now, like before 7 am, the city is pretty quiet, traffic both vehicular pedestrian (like me) flows freely.

But that will stop shortly for the security measures to be put in place for the next 3 days.

Basically the area around the White House, for about 2 blocks north east & west will v be closed off to everything as will sites also connected with the Papal visit.

And things will be snarled beyond comprehension I believe.,  A micro-indicator is the bento service (which I don’t use) that comes to the office has suspended deliveries for the next 3 days.

Taking in all the 迷惑 this visit will create and the security cocoon that will be in place wherever to Pope goes,  makes me wonder if this is really just an Potemkin Village-like exercise, and really worth the disruption and inconvenience it will cause for the schmoes like us?

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