Of Rumors and More Japanese Nuances

Saw on Facebook this morning, A Japanese guy/FB friend, who I came to know  through my work at Toyota, who is now in his early sixties, had a shot of himself, in running wear   just before the start of a 5 kilo marathon.

Thought this was comment-worthy and wrote a couple of words, one the word, ‘subarashii’, but left off the last “i” in the word, hit the space button for kanji conversion  and got a mix of kanji that I knew wasn’t right. Added the missing “i” and presto!, the right word.

On to rumors.

On Thursday I believe, one of the women on the review, who lives in NYC, came up to me in the worksite’s kitchen to tell me she had heard from another woman (who herd from???) our project would wind up at the end of this month. A big deal for everyone if true, but for her especially as she would have to pull up stakes and move back to  NYC

Told her she needs to think what she heard through.  First 2 new attorneys were brought onto the project last week. Second would any of the supervising attorneys on the project managers be so unprofessional and divulge this information? (it would lead to a mass exodus)  And last, there was another classified posted by the company which recruited us, for more Japanese-speaking attorneys , for most likely this project.  Given all that, is what was heard really that credible?

I have not passed  on the rumor

Some people  I suppose spread/start rumors like this out of a pathetic need for self importance, or sicker,  enjoyment from seeing the reaction of others.

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