And My Head is Where?

I am not the forgetful type and wife unit usually makes up for that everyday. Yesterday however, was different.

Had a sympathy card I had intended to drop off early yesterday morning, for the survivors of a distant relative, the husband of my late father’s half sister, she a came along with  my paternal grandmother’s second marriage (my ancestry is a bit complicated)  who passed away recently, and whose funeral is today.  Not very close to them, but as they are family in a way, the decent thing is to at least send the survivors  a card.

Halfway way to driving to work,  the little voice inside the head let me know I had left the card at home.  Oh well.

Then, on parking the car in the garage and leaving the building, all before the doors open for business,  another realization;  I have left my cellphone in the car, and as it out of business hours, the entrance to the parking garage is shuttered (I have a pass key) and of course all the building doors are locked.  So wait outside (at least it wasn’t winter) until another person comes with their own pass key to open the garage door,  then go back to the car, retrieve the cellphone and then get to the worksite.

On the way home,  pass through the wickets at Metro Center Station and see the platform for the trains I broad to get back to my car is packed.  Its Friday evening, but there are seriously more people than normal.  No trains come, there is an announcement but its so garbled -as usual- no one understands what is going on, just that there is yet another problem on the DC Metro.

Say to myself F-this and instead of walking back to the car, take the long way back, with a transfer at L’Enfant and then at the Pentagon (interesting factoid,  photography is forbidden  at the Metro Pentagon station), then to the car.

But my day could have been worse.  There’s  former colleague, now at VW, whose Friday was most likely not a good day from the news the EPA is  charging VW wrote its emission control software to get around emission standards for diesel engine vehicles.  If these allegations are true, there are some serious fines and other $$$$ related stuff.

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