The Wolves and The Sheep

Had a bit of unexpected excitement as I walked back to Metro Center Station last night. While on 12th street, 2 in maybe their early 20’s black men, perhaps homeless or perhaps bored, approached, one called out to me in a loud voice to get my attention and given the M.O., probably then to ask for/demand money, I ignored, he then took a half swing at me and called me ‘bitch’ .

Now, you think,  what can/could I do to defend myself should another such situation arise?  A firearm?  First in DC, despite the efforts of right to bear arms advocates,  legally owning and carrying a firearm in DC is still pretty much an impossibility. Not that these laws  matter; that despite some of the most stringent laws on firearm ownership in the country, DC also has one the highest murder rates too.

And then there is the matter of even if one legally has a firearm, do/would  you know how to use it, can you use lethal force when you feel  mortally threatened?

Other means?  Pepper sprays, Taser-like devices, etc?  Not speaking from any knowledge, but given DC, I would not at all be surprised to learn there are strict legal limits on owning/using these as well.

So given this climate,  we  have the wolves vs the sheep. The wolves, like the person who accosted me last night, know that even if they were to attack me (BTW he did commit the felony of assault, which is not as many would think  physical contact, but the act of threatened physical harm. Assault & battery is the felony of physical attack), they would (and know they would) have very little to lose.  On the other hand, I and others like me, stand to lose more- our jobs, our material wealth and perhaps our freedom.

What we have is the latest of a succession of black urban generations, weaned on Democratic Party machine driven dependence and entitlement, buttressed by “entertainment and mainstream media portrayal of gangsta culture as the norm, which has destroyed the social and moral structure that keeps the rest of us civilized and behaved- the family.

Ironic that before and during the American Civil War, the Democratic Party was the party of plantation owners.  Now, it owns the ‘plantation’.

But circling back, I swear it may be just me, but the number of homeless/panhandlers seems to increase by the week around Metro Center. I could see an incident happening someday.

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