Foxy Lady?


Spotted this bad throwback to the late seventies/early eighties fashion on my walk in today.

After I took this, I don’t think I took more than twenty steps when some dude in his early thirties approached me and asked if I knew a good lawyer.  At 6:00 am? 

Yes, stranger things have happened in this city.

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2 Responses to Foxy Lady?

  1. This mannequins gives out a very Alice-in-Wonderland kind of feel. And at first glance, I thought she was carrying a dog. What ever you do don’t take food with instructions written on it. 🙂

    • Have passed the mannequin a few more times since I snapped the shot and I still think it looks weird. But I a odd, far off way I get it. You see, westward from DC, in the country of Virginia is horse – foxing hunting set, and with that and the Georgetown locale of the store I can see a faint connection.

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