Control Freak

The job keeps on going, and going.  Not bad for a project that was supposed to have ended on the spring of this year….  The yearly gross salary is impressive too.. the most I’ve ever made in a year, ever.  Bit the downside is in this line of work,  there are no paid holidays (though the DC government forces all such employers to set aside days for medical leave), no medical insurance or 401k contributions.

It also is all-consuming, like some organic being it sucks all energy out of me… and perhaps others on the project as well.  Not much motivation to write, not much to write about either.

But getting back on track,  I also have a Facebook page which I update a bit more regularly that this, with the occasional picture, video.  Wife unit is now upset over a photo I posted from the Thanksgiving dinner we- son unit her and I had last year at son unit’s place.

Its a nice photograph I think; they are both caught in a spontaneous, relaxed and happy moment.  But the photograph was also not deemed ‘appropriate ‘ for Facebook for her.

Why?  The background in son unit’s place was not proper. since son unit doesn’t have (or need) a proper table, we ate from the low coffee table he has.  The food on the plates was not arranged ‘right’.

There is a line about what  is appropriate for FB and what is not.  I would not for example, post a photo of  her in a bathrobe, or any other situation that would be truly embarrassing.

Yet that doesn’t seem to matter, but her need to control does.

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