Sigh….Such a Short Vacation

I had a good time being away;  nothing like sitting on a beach chair with the waves lapping at your feet and watch the world go slowly by.  My cousin  though gave me a hard time about not going into water.  Didn’t care, the water was not warm enough to suit me.  Coming back  makes one see a bit how values or what is viewed as important change with venue

Being at a semi- private beach, it was very family and low-key  the geriatric crowd mostly so not much to look and get aroused at.

Cousin  though was a bit deflated.  In years of old, she’d bring her 2 sons, her stepchildren and our respective cousins and their children would be there for a week of semi- controlled mayhem.  Now, her sons are grown,. married, one has  children of his own, Stepdaughter too, as well as the children of the cousins;’ married, with children or have gone their own way, so attendance now is a bit spotty.  Perhaps due in part to the women who have married into the family having a different agenda that being at the beach.

Cousin  also lamented how Ocean city, MD has become too ‘honky tonk’ for here taste. Opined that perhaps Ocean City has always been that way, and its she who has changed.

Saw when I came back, a note from Volvo who had been looking for a government affairs manager… the old “while your credentials were impressive…”  Have thought that me being out of the business for the time that I have, is a handicap, but like skiing,  I haven’t been on a pair in years, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to.

So now for a short, and next week, skimpy payday, I sit in an outpost of the Evil empire, sipping cold brewed coffee for the first time.  Not bad and it does taste different; less of a bitter edge. But that could also be due to the type of beans and how they’ve been roasted.


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One Response to Sigh….Such a Short Vacation

  1. Funny, I was just talking to my boss who take her year-old son to Maine for the first time. And we talked about how places like Ocean City and Old Orchard seem to have been stuck in time…

    As for the cold-brewed, I read somewhere that is actually less bitter and packs more caffeine than your regular cuppa! Not a fan of Starbuck’s version but I’ve become addicted to one made at a nearby café! Please, don’t tell the Empire, LOL!

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