The 給料泥棒

There is a middle-aged woman, who I have been warned about sitting 3 or four workstations from me, an attorney, and one who has a grossly inflated sense of importance and self-worth, and who seems to have a compulsive need to chatter instead of working.

This unprofessional, self-centered, inconsiderate behavior, disturbs me on several levels.  first it interferes with my own work.  As much as I take pride in my Japanese skills and my knowledge of corporate Japan, I need to concentrate, lest I miss something.  The chatter makes that hard.

Second it bothers me on a professional level, which we all are supposed to be, her and others like her too as they belong to a profession.  But I lay the blame partly on the project managers.  They are not demanding a professional atmosphere.  I not saying we need to come in with neckties, etc., but scruffy jeans t shirts, etc., also do not give a sense that this is professional work we are supposed to be engaged in

Last, on a sublimal  level it is  bothersome as she as an attorney is earning more than I per hour and that for this sort of work,  attorneys get the first crack at openings and then I and other laypersons are hired only if attorneys cannot be found to fully staff the project.

Her chatter carried on for most of the morning until another attorney went over to this person’s workstation and told her to shut it.

Luckily today,  a Saturday, while the Japanese-speaking reviewers are being called into work, she isn’t.

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2 Responses to The 給料泥棒

  1. Sigh, I feel your pain and frustration. I have the same problems where I work (right down to management’s laissez-faire attitude towards the situation). Good thing I invested in a good set of earphones. Music soothes or at least blocks out the outside world…

  2. That’s an option many around me choose to do. I’d do it too, but then would associate the music with the work experience….

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