Goddamned Metro!

Something I usually mutter during my daily commute as there is always something, on a daily basis, going wrong with the system; elevators out( sorry those with mobility issues), escalators stopped for no apparent reason, delays…

Yesterday may not have topped them all, but it came close.  There was a derailment early in the morning which effective shut down one of the major lines.

In the morning, meaning to take the rain in, I was alerted to this on the radio and walked in, no biggie as I do it most of the time, but had no spare set of clothes, so came to the worksite smelly and sweaty.

On the way home,  the internet information said trains where moving, but slowly.  Go to Metro Center Station, ask to confirm, go through the turnstiles, onto the platform and wait, and wait, and wait, but no trains.  Meanwhile the platform starts to fill up dangerously (too many people) and I think that had I walked back I would have been halfway to my car by now.

Consider other options, like using another line to at least get be back into Virginia, but these are not really that workable.

Get tired of waiting, get on another line to another station to at least get me closer to Virginia and out of the system, then walk, fast.

Actually, when I started through Georgetown, the walk got interesting. There was bustle, people of all sorts out and about.  At the corner of Wisconsin & M, there was a Russian dude as it turned out, playing a plastic trombone  he did a rendition of ‘Hail to the Redskins’ to the amusement of a bus driver, then hit on 2 20 something girls, saying  they looked so Russian.

As I passed the Ukrainian Embassy, the door, normally closed was opened and peeked in (its housed in a very historic building) and outside were 2 OMG-are-you-both-real, stunning women in their evening dress, waiting for someone to take them somewhere.

Interesting too to see the shops, normally closed when I walk by in the morning open.  The restaurants were enticing, but with me alone…

Now this morning, sat in the damned train for about an hour as things were still not right…could have walked in quicker- again.

Now why does this have to happen so regularly?  In any Japanese city with a mas transit system, this would not happen, period. And if it did, it’d be national news and people would be held accountable.

Washington DC is probably the only capital city on the developed world that has a third world mass transit system.

Goddamned Metro.

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6 Responses to Goddamned Metro!

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    Yep – I took 4 colors to work yesterday (live in DC now work in Reston!) – Green to Gallery Place, Red to Farragut North – walked to Farragut West for the Orange. Had to get off at East Falls Church for Silver to Reston! In the afternoon – silver to East Falls Church then orange – sat at Farragut West for 40 minutes (!) . L’Enfant Plaza (green line transfer) was overcrowded. Nearly 3 hours to get home and really unimpressed.

    This morning – Green to silver to Ballston then shuttle bus to McLean then silver to Reston – more than 2.5 hours. Office closes 12 noon on Fridays – they were still single tracking! Took 1 hour 10 minutes to get from Reston to Ballston and then they unloaded us there!! So pissed off I left the station and got a taxi. Cost $$$ but so worth it for my sanity. Just heard they’re going to credit riders back some money for today (if you use SmarTrip).

    With these continuing problems car-ownership is starting to look attractive!

  2. Like the spin you put on your ordeal, which I’ll freely admit was more trying than mine. But what can I say? Again we’ve got a 3rd world mass transit system in the nation’s capital run/staffed by those totally indifferent to the responsibility they are supposed to shoulder. Asked a guy who lives in NYC if their mass transit system is like the Metro, and was told, no way.

    Felt particularly bad for the tourists for whom this might be their one and only trip/experience/impression of DC

    I looked on FB to see if there is a ‘I Hate the DC Metro’ or such page. Did not see one, but I’d be more than happy to start one!

    • Aussie Emjay says:

      There is a FB page for unsuckdcmetro and they also have a Twitter feed. I think you can see them without having a twitter account (you just have to X out the join twitter box that pops up) @unsuckdcmetro .

      Oh – I agree about the tourists and especially the poor people who fly into Dulles and then take the shuttle bus to Wiehle Reston station to get a train downtown. I bet the bus driver didn’t tell them it was going to suck for them especially with their suitcases! Dreadful system!

  3. Aussie Emjay says:

    Here’s a website of FB and Twitter accounts related to WMATA: http://fixwmata.com/twitter/

  4. Feel for you and your ‘do I buy a car or not?’ dilemma. From what I’ve gathered, DC, for understandable reasons, is not too friendly towards car ownership. On the other hand, Metro has proven and no doubt will continue to prove it cannot be relied upon for basic transportation needs. The daily stuff that happens on the Metro system would be unheard of in a urban mass transit system I am familiar with; the Japanese rail system. So if they can do it, why can’t Metro?

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