Hot as July

So humid this morning I believe I could if it wasn’t so gross, wring out the polo shirt I have on and wore during the hot sweaty walk into the city this morning.  But DC is like that in the summer,  it was after all mostly swampland that neither the infant states of Maryland or VA wanted (BTW  VA got its land back and the old DC boundaries are now the boundaries of Arlington County).  And there are places where this is the norm; like the deep South. Still I can’t imagine what this place was like before the advent of air conditioning.

Had another example of how absorbed some people get with their hand-held devices.  Was in the men’s room and in one of the stalls,  heard someone making a phone call to whoever, all the while toilets were being flushed etc…. and I do not doubt the person on the other end of the call heard everything……..

We all had a bit of a start a couple of days ago, when one of the supervising attorneys, came in and abruptly announced we all were to log out of the data base we were using, immediately…  The next step for a second we thought was we’d be told our services were no longer needed and thank you, but good-bye.

It wasn’t.  He was so flustered, he forgot to also announce we needed to log on to the other data base we use.  Seems he may of had his ass royally chewed out for something related to us using that data base, but, hey its just a guess.

But if you haven’t had your ass chewed out at least once in life, you’ve probably not led a very full life.

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