Thoughts for Crappy, Rainy Monday

But hey we’ve been a bit parched as late so the rain is a bit welcome.

Am still a bit peeved over being called in by one of the supervising attorneys on the [project to be told  am not paying enough attention to documents which should be classified marked ‘privileged’, that is documents that can be withheld due to attorney-client privilege.

we have been told to take a very board view of this, which probably means being very over inclusive.  I was shown a whole list of documents I was told should have been classified by me as privileged for the 1st go round, but also told they wouldn’t have made the 2nd cut… so why the F call me to talk about it?  My opinion of these kids supervising this dropped a bit. Another observation,  when the lawyers talks about privilege among themselves, they use the word ‘priv’, but seem to get annoyed when the lay folk among them use the same term.

Have gotten quite shaggy as late due to not having enough time to get to my regular hair cutter, but was also looking to change as the last time I went it, several months ago, he took the $5 dollar tip I gave him and threw in aside on the reception desk….. That you do not do, at least in front of me.

So went to a place, cheaper than the other, staffed by a bunch of southeast Asian women,  sat down in the chair and the hair dresser called out to wife unit, asking her how my hair should be cut.

Have always thought at times an Asian wife looks upon her spouse as an overgrown child.

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