My Father was Right, There is a Right Way to Get Even

There’s a Japanese woman on this project, perhaps in her mid-thirties, who I’ve never laid eyes on before prior to working here and yet, for reasons unbeknownst to me, she refuses to even acknowledge a greeting or have the civility to provide so much as a simple ‘good morning’ when we pass one another in one of the corridors.

Again, don’t know why.  The only conversation I have had with her was to try to pay a complement when I noticed she was wearing nicely scented cologne, to which she snapped, it wasn’t her.

Now the worksite is for good reasons, well-secured:  you don’t go very far in or out without a properly coded magnetic pass card. Yesterday afternoon, I has swiped my pass card to reenter and who on might be on the other side was this woman, who I held the door open for to let her pass first.  Her grimace of internal pain, embarrassment and chagrin was photo-worthy, and she still didn’t bother to mumble a thank you or nod.

But that’s okay.  My father once said the best way to get back at someone who has caused you trouble is to be nice to them……

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