Julie Hamp Released

Irony of ironies,  the picture of the scene of her being whisked away from the dentation center where she has spent the last 20, no doubt, the longest days yet of her life, showed her in a Toyota van.  Wonder how she felt about that?

Personally, I didn’t think she would be charged; just held in custody long enough for someone to believe the point has been made.

What awaits her?  I’ll bet  she doesn’t  even know.  But one hurdle she’ll have to figure out how to overcome in future job seeking is to explain her lapse in judgment.  As I said in the first post I made on this subject,  the higher one’s position anywhere,  the less forgiving the environment is for mistakes in judgment.  Poor judgment almost (should have) cost a  U.S. President his job and in Ms. Hamp’s case, it cost her her job at Toyota Motor Corporation.

But at least this part of her ordeal is over

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