Not a Good Way To Start a Saturday Morning

For one thing,  its raining and looks to rain for the entire weekend.

The state in which I live, mandates yearly safety inspections for all vehicles.  The idea is to help keep drivers safe, but its more a boondoggle for auto dealers & service stations, IMHO.

All vehicles must have in  the lower center of the front windshield, a state-issued decal showing when the next inspection is due, a bit like Japan come to think of it..  Mine is up at the end of the month, which is of course a couple of days from now.  What if?  If spotted by a cop, I would be ticketed, fined, etc….I don’t need that.

Why at this late date?  Again due to  my work hours, can’t really do it on a weekday and there’s been stuff on past weekends which have distracted.

So after a doctor’s apt which ended early that scheduled yesterday afternoon, called the dealer from where I bought my vehicle to see if they could squeeze me in before COB.  Was told that was not possible (fair enough), but there would be an inspector n premises the following day (today), but as it is the end of the month, I should try to get in when the service dept opens at 7:00 am.

OK, get up today much earlier than I planned or wanted to, skip my coffee and something to eat, and head to the dealership to be told they did not have an inspector on premises today.

Wait a MF’ing minute folks.

This sort of stuff annoys me at any time, but coupled with no coffee or food in my system and the early hour of the day…. that is not a good combination to start to F with me.

In a situation like this,  I don’t shout, that is counterproductive for one thing, but instead my voice goes into a low, growl like mode and I told the personnel I called yesterday and specifically told by the service dept  there would be someone on premises to handle the inspection.  The service person was unaware there would be, he checked and sure enough there is someone there…..

So here I sit at a nearby outpost of The Evil Empire (again, aka Starbucks) sipping my coffee, and my breakfast sandwich long since devoured.

You know, when you think it over, it all comes down to communication and checking/confirming (one of the many invaluable lessons I leaned at Toyota) to avoid unnecessary hassle.

Yesterday, when I reached the doctor’s office early, I really had to ‘go’ and asked the front desk if I as expected to produce a ‘sample’ for the visit.  the receptionist checked and was told, no not this time, so I headed for the restroom and gladly drained the bladder.

At the end of the visit, headed to the  office where the lab is so a blood sample could be drawn, which I knew, and then told they needed a urine sample.  !!!???  Told the tech what I had been told at the front desk.  The tech’s response was they and the doctors personnel sometimes fail to communicate.

And those on the other end bear the consequences…

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