Julie Hamp, Con’t

Poor woman, if she wasn’t toast before the police raids of the day before, she is now.

An article gleaned from a Google search, published by Bloomberg, caught my attention.

The articles’s tone is that Ms. Hamp, because she is not Japanese and a woman, is being singled out, made an example of, all over some pain medication.

Have the very strong sensed the person who wrote the aticcle has very little experience in or wth Japan.  What has happened to Ms. Hamp, like being publicly ‘frog marched’  is no different than the uproar if the person was a public figure and Japanese, in fact it might have been worse.

True as the article touches on,  there is in Japan unfortunately, a latent undercurrent of discrimination, resentment or whatever towards non-Japanese, but I would say show me a country where there isn’t such.

And as for demanding she would have been treated differently than a Japanese public figure in the same fix, smacks of the end of the 19th Century imperialistic extraterritoriality extended to white westerners.

Surely if the shoe was on the other foot, the writer would have a different point of view

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