Wonder How This Day is Going to Turn out?

What you see is our kitchen very early in the morning.

For the I can’t remember how many times in the 17 years I have lived in the Dc metro area,  we are in the midst of another prolonged summer power outage.

So only boil water for coffee this morning on the porta-burner; don’t dare open the fridge door now.

No matter, figured I’d go to the Panera at Rosslyn as they are open at 5:30 am for breakfast and coffee.  Except  for the people who run it,  opening  at 5:30 means later than 5:30 and even then,  I was told breakfast wasn’t available yet but if I wished to wait… I didn’t wish to wait. Panera will hear from me later.

So board Metro to head for a Evil Empire store (Starbucks) near the worksite, the metro train I am on sits and sits at Foggy Bottom due to a broken down train ahead……

Get to the Starbucks,  get prompt service, figure I’d give the clerk exact change… she gives me a funny look at tell me one of the coins I gave her isn’t a quarter…. its a quarter, but a Canadian quarter that has snuck into my pocket of change…..  Sheech and its only 20 after 6  in the morning!

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